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Boynton Beach Man Charged With Homicide After March Hit And Run Accident

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Boynton Beach Arrests, Lake Worth Beach News | 0 comments

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Boynton Beach Man Charged With Homicide After March Hit And Run Accident

Corey Bell Arrested And Charged With Hit And Run, Manslaughter After Accident Near Lake Osborne

Corey Bell Arrested And Charged With Hit And Run, Manslaughter After Accident Near Lake Osborne

Corey Bell Arrested And Charged With Hit And Run, Manslaughter After Accident Near Lake Osborne

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – Boca Post ( — A Boynton Beach man has been arrested and charged with manslaughter for hitting a bicyclist with a stolen Toyota Matrix in Lake Worth and leaving him to die.

Corey Bell, 40, of Boynton Beach, is accused of driving a stolen Toyota Matrix at a high rate of speed on Cochran Drive when it struck a bicyclist. The bicyclist, identified as 75-year-old James Beloian, was found dead at the scene when PBSO deputies arrived.

Bell is observed on camera walking past and even looking at Beloian before fleeing the scene on foot. 3 other occupants exited the vehicle as well but only two of them waited around for law enforcement to arrive. None of the occupants would identify Bell as the driver.

Cochran Drive Lake Osborne

Cochran Drive Lake Osborne

The narrative from the official arrest affidavit submitted by Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office:

On March 7″2022 a call was placed by Herbert Kraft to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO). During the call, he attempted to report a blue 2004 Toyota Matrix (V-1) stolen, however, he was unable to provide a VIN for the stolen vehicle as he was not the owner only the operator. The PBSOcall taker attempted to contact V-1’s owner, Tony’s Tires. The owner of Tony’s Tires was also unable to provide a VIN at the time of the call however indicated that he would contact PBSO back with the required information. As neither the owner nor operator followed up with the VIN as requested therefore no police action could be initiated. During the call, Kraft indicated he knew the person who took the vehicle and identified him as Corey Bell.

On March 11″ 2022, D-1 was operating V-1 southbound on Cochran Drive with three passengers. Cochran Drive was a north/south, undivided roadway, with two through lanes. In the area of collision, there was one through the lane for northbound traffic and one through the lane for southbound traffic. The edge of the roadway was denoted by a grass shoulder, which, on the east side, preceded a sidewalk. Cochran Drive was controlled by a statutory posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour as it is a residential area with multiple access points and single-family residences present on the east and west sides of the roadway.

D-1 was operating V-1 southbound at a high rate of speed when V-1 crossed over the northbound lane of travel, ran off the roadway, and impacted a mailbox. Post-collision D-1 continued south towards the T-intersection of 12th Avenue South where it attempted to execute a left turn. Due to V-1’s rate of speed 0-1 was unable to execute the left turn and ran south off the roadway. Due to V-1’s speed and D-1’s attempt to maneuver D-1 loses control of V-1 and it departs the roadway. After departing the roadway it traversed a grass area, impacted a wooden support pole at 1901 12th Avenue South, and impacted James Beloian (P-1) who was straddling his bicycle near the northeast corner of the building.

As a result of the impact, P-1 is vaulted into a tree on the east side of the building where P-1 comes to final rest and dies as a result of the collision. V-1 impacts the northeast corner of the building and is deflected into the east parking lot where it comes to rest.

Video surveillance captures the collision events. Post-collision four males exit V-1 and walk to the south side of the building and D-1 and O-1 both flee the scene prior to deputies’ arrival. As D-1 is departing the collision scene he looks directly at P-1 while walking northbound past him before fleeing east from the scene. At no point is D-1 observed attempting to render aid and records searches find no attempt to contact PBSOto report the collision. O-3 and 0-4 remain on scene and provide statements but indicated they were unable to identify D-1.

Following the on-scene investigation, V-1 was transported by Sisters Towing to PBSO’s evidentiary lot and subsequently transferred to the evidentiary processing lot.

On March 15″ 2022 Crime Scene Technician Nasirudin #35470 assisted me with the execution of a warrant to process the car for DNA trace evidence. DNA swabs were taken from multiple locations including the steering wheel, gear shift, keys, seat belt, and latch, and submitted for forensic processing. This evidence later revealed the presence of Corey Bells DNA on the steering wheel, vehicle keys, gear shift, and seat belt/latch.

On March 18th, 2022 | completed a sworn recorded statement with Kraft. During this statement, he confirmed the vehicle was stolen from him. During the statement, I showed Kraft a brief portion of the video surveillance where Kraft identified D-1 as Corey Bell. He stated he was familiar with Bell for a long duration of time and that he was 100 percent sure of his identity.

On 6/21/2022 I reviewed the License History of Corey Bell (D-1) where I discovered his license had the following unresolved sanctions: 7/2104 – revocation for chapter 893, 7/11/06 – Fail to pay (FTP) Court Financial Obligation, 8/27/07 – FTP Court Financial Obligation, 10/13/08 – Habitual Traffic Offender Revocation, 12/24/2008 – FTP Court Financial Obligation, 1/11/2010 – FTP court financial obligation, 5/26/2015 – FTP Court Financial Obligation, 8/3/2015 – Criminal FTP, 9/8/2015 – FTP Court Financial Obligation, and 1/8/2019 – Criminal FTP.

Based on the aforementioned information I found that Corey Bell (D-1) did operate the 2004 Toyota Matrix (V-1) in a reckless manner which caused the death of James Beloian (P-1), knew a collision had occurred, and failed to give information and render aid as required by FSS 316.062 contrary to FSS 782.071(1b)

I also determined that Corey Bell (D-1) knew a collision had occurred and failed to remain at the scene of the collision where a death had occurred thereby not fulfilling the statutory requirements of FSS 316.062 contrary to FSS 316.027(2c).

Additionally I determined that Corey Bell (0-1) had been knowingly operating the 2004 Toyota Matrix (V-1} with a suspended license, as evidenced by the numerous unresolved sanctions, and by his negligent operation of V-1 did cause the death of James Beloian (P-1) contrary to FSS 322.34(6)


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