WIFE DRAMA: Fight In West Boca Raton Petco Parking Lot, Gun, Stolen Car, Felony Arrests

Edward Greer And Christian Santana Of Boca Raton Arrested On Serious Felony Charges After A Wife Seen With Another Man

Edward Greer And Christian Santana Of Boca Raton Arrested

Edward Greer And Christian Santana Of Boca Raton Arrested

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Edward Greer and Christian Santana of Boca Raton have been arrested and charged with several felonies including aggravated battery, grand theft auto, and firearms charges, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Edward Greer, 23, and Christian Santana, 28, both of the 9000 block of Grande Verde Way in the Gables Palma Vista apartment complex in West Boca Raton, have both been arrested early Tuesday morning by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

The two roommates were both charged with similar charges of “AGGRAV BATTERY – PERSON USES A DEADLY WEAPON” and “VEH THEFT – GRAND THEFT OF MOTOR VEHICLE”. Greer was charged with carrying a concealed weapon while Santana was charged with displaying a firearm.

The two were arrested after deputies patrolling the area observed a group fighting in the West Boca Petco parking located at 9960 Glades Road on Monday evening.

According to an arrest affidavit submitted by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, one of the responding deputies said that he witnessed two males who was later identified as Joshua Park and Edward Greerin physical fight.

The first arriving deputy then intervened by shouting verbal commands until further deputies arrived on the scene. Deputies spoke to one of the men fighting, Joshua Park, who said was driving in a 2017 silver Toyota Camry with his friend, Mue Fukasak in the passenger side.


That is when he was approached by a man named Edward Greer, who happened to be Mue Fukasak’s husband. At this point, Mue Fukasak exited the vehicle to speak with Edward Greer. The two became involved in a verbal altercation. Joshua then exited the vehicle and began attempting to speak with Edward Greer. Joshua stated he was then “sucker punched” by another male who he described and later identified as Christian Santana Linares.

Joshua then became involved in a fight with the two men, who happen to be cousins. Joshua told police he witnessed one of the men holding a gun. Joshua stated he heard one of the males verbally say “get in the car”.

Deputies then arrived on the scene and witnessed Edward Greerin in the driver’s seat of the Toyota Camry. A deputy then detained all of the subjects involved until additional deputies arrived on the scene.

Contact was then made with Edward Greer, who stated he was at the Petco located at 9960 Glades Road, when he recognized his wife, Mue Fukasak, in a silver Camry. Edward advised he then called his cousin, Christian Santana Linares, to meet him at this location. Edward then approached the vehicle to talk with his wife. Edward witnessed his wife exit the vehicle and approach him. The two became involved in a verbal argument.

During the argument, Edward saw Joshua Park, exit the vehicle. At this time, Christian Santana Linares arrived on the scene. Edward first advised he saw he was in possession of the black bag which did not have the gun in it. According to Edward, Christian arrived on the scene with the gun and had a physical fight with Joshua Park during which a gun then fell onto the ground.


The gun that fell out of the bag was later identified as a loaded black Glock 43X Semi-automatic pistol, belonging to Christian. Edward said he then picked up the gun off the floor and put it into the black bag.

Edward advised the gun was never pointed or aimed at anyone during the altercation. The three individuals continued fighting until deputies arrived on the scene.

Christian Santana Linares said he was contacted by Edward Greer via phone to meet him at the 9960 Glades address. Christian went to this location due to Edward witnessing his wife, Mue Fukasak, with another male. Christian then stated he arrived on the scene with a black bag, containing the loaded black Glock 43X pistol. Christian then tossed back the fanny pack to his wife, Gloribel Pena, so that it wouldn’t be involved in the physical fight.

Christian then arrived on foot and approached Edward and Joshua, as the two were fighting. As Christian approached the two mates, he alleged Joshua used his elbow to strike him in the chest. After this, Christian advised that be punched Joshua in the face. The three individuals then became involved in a physical fight until deputies intervened. A responding deputy arrived on the scene and advised Edward Greer was in possession of the black bag which was later found to have the loaded Glock Pistol, which was sitting right beside him.

Both Greer and Santana were booked into the Palm Beach County Jail early on Tuesday morning and released the following day on bail.