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West Boca Teen Killer Arrested, Murdered Friend In Back Yard

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Boca Raton Arrests | 0 comments

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15-Year-old Dylan Dantas Charged With Murder

BOCA RATON, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — 15-year-old Dylan Dantas facing a first-degree murder charge for the shooting death of his friend in unincorporated Boca Raton.

As first reported by Boca Post a 15-Year-Old Arrested For Murder Of West Boca Teen in August. New details are now available as the teen murderer was charged with murder.

According to PBSO, on Monday, August 7, 2023, around 11:55 AM, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Dylan Dantas at 6836 Bianchini Circle in unincorporated Boca Raton. In his call, Dylan Dantas mentioned that he had encountered someone in his backyard and believed they were trying to break into his house. He claimed that he mistakenly thought the person was a friend.

When the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrived at approximately 11:59 AM, they found Dylan Dantas unarmed in the front yard of his residence. He explained to the deputies that he acted in self defense and was then taken into custody.

Investigators note that the backyard of the residence was enclosed by a wooden privacy fence standing at around six feet tall and had two gates. One of the responding deputies entered through the western gate and discovered an black male on the back patio within a screened pool enclosure. The individual appeared unresponsive and displayed visible gunshot wounds. At 12:11 PM, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue arrived and pronounced the victim deceased. The Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office later determined that multiple gunshot wounds caused his death, ruling it as a homicide. Investigators note that no weapons were found in or near the deceased person.

A black semi automatic Taurus G2C 9MM firearm was discovered on the back patio of the house, just outside the rear sliding glass door. The firearm had its magazine inserted and the slide locked in the rear position. Upon further examination, it was determined that the magazine was empty, indicating that all bullets had been fired. A total of 9 casings from fired bullets were found on the pool deck and in the pool. These casings matched those fired from the recovered firearm. Additionally, projectiles recovered from both the crime scene and during the victim’s autopsy were determined to have been discharged from this same firearm.

Deputies reviewed surveillance from several surveillance cameras outside of the residence.

In a video captured at approximately 11:52:16 AM on the rear patio of Dantas residence, Dylan Dantas can be seen talking on a phone while walking out into the pool enclosure through the rear sliding door before returning back inside. It seems that Dylan Dantas says, “Come to the backyard. Where are you?” Dylan Dantas is wearing a hooded sweatshirt with something heavy in its front kangaroo pocket. As he reenters, he leaves open the sliding glass door.

Video footage captured from the east side of the Dantas residence at approximately 11:53:19 AM shows the victim kicking the wooden security fence on the north facing side of the yard. Afterward, he proceeds to enter the rear yard, going out of sight from the camera’s view. During this time, he can be heard calling out “Dylan.” It is worth noting that the victim is shirtless and does not appear to be carrying any weapons.

Later, at around 11:53:42 AM, another video clip from the rear patio of the Dantas residence captures Dylan Dantas stepping out into the pool enclosure while holding a firearm. Dylan fires a single shot and then warns those present by saying “Watch out fam.”

Following this initial shot, Dylan continues firing multiple times in an area outside of camera visibility located near one corner of the patio. The sound recording captures a total of nine gunshots during this incident. Afterward, Dylan can be heard making several statements such as “I told you brudda,” “Y told you fam,” “I told you my nigga,” “Why did you come to my crib nigga,” and “He came to my crib like a dumbass.” Notably, Dylan possesses two cellular devices and instructs someone nearby to call 911.

To summarize, it takes approximately five seconds from when the victim is observed entering the backyard until we hear him mention Dylan before gunfire erupts.

After examining the 911 call, it was revealed that Dylan Dantas claimed to have acted in self defense when someone tried to enter his house. According to him, the person entered through the backyard and he shot them three times. The individual’s name is Kaleb and has a criminal record. Dylan stated that he considered Kaleb as his best friend but felt threatened by his presence. He emphasized that he believed this was an act of self defense and sought confirmation from the operator. Dylan explained that Kaleb climbed over a gate and broke a screen to gain access to his property. He further mentioned receiving threats from Kaleb, who had even sent videos indicating his intention to harm him before breaking into his house.

During their interaction with responding deputies, Dylan Dantas informed them that the victim had threatened him with physical violence and expressed a desire to harm him.
The person who was harmed was his closest friend and that person seems to be mentally unstable. Dylan Dantas mentioned that the person had posted pictures of guns on social media. According to Dylan Dantas, he did not invite the person over. Dylan Dantas questioned whether this could be considered self defense. He also mentioned that the gate is always closed and locked. During the investigation, it was discovered that there had been a disagreement between Dylan Dantas and the individual in question during the previous weekend.

Dylan Dantas sent multiple messages to a friend around 11:50:15 AM saying things like “Nigga Allen might show up if he’s angry”, “I might have to take action” and “He has some issues”. There was also a Facetime call between Dylan Dantas and the victim at around 11:52:08 AM. At approximately 11:54:55 AM, Dylan Dantas made a call to 911 for help. In addition to these communications found on their devices, there were several network exchanges between Dantas and the victim throughout the given timeframe.

The distance from where the victim was located to the sliding glass door was approximately 26 feet. The distance from where they were positioned to a poolside chair near the patio was about 13 feet away. According to one statement by Dylan Dantas, he claims that when he fired his weapon, the victim was situated between the chair and the pool.

The information provided to deputies by Dylan Dantas does not align with the recovered video footage and the evidence found at the crime scene, according to investigators. The camera positioned on the patio chair, facing the pool, does not capture any images of the victim, indicating that they were never in the specific area described by Dylan Dantas. After firing four initial shots, Dylan Dantas proceeds to move towards the space between the pool and the patio chair where another camera is located and fires an additional five shots.

According to Dylan Dantas, he claimed self defense as justification for killing the victim. However, various pieces of evidence such as video recordings, cellphone communication records and Dylan Dantas own actions contradict this assertion. These pieces of evidence do not align with a level of fear that would reasonably justify taking someone’s life. During their interaction, it was actually Dylan Dantas who introduced a firearm into the situation, potentially resulting in severe bodily harm or death. Although it should be noted that while the victim did kick the external fence and enter into Dylan Dantas backyard, it was at his invitation and there had been ongoing cellular phone communication between them prior to the shooting incident. One text message even stated “Waiting on u doe.”According to the video evidence, it appears that Dylan Dantas had a firearm in his possession while wearing a hooded jacket around 11:52:16 AM.

The victim was unarmed and was shot multiple times from a distance that doesn’t align with what Dylan Dantas claimed. On the 911 call, Dylan Dantas mentioned that the victim was approaching him.

Dylan Dantas’ two cellular devices were seized and extracted. There were multiple communications located between Dylan Dantas and the victim throughout the device including multiple text and voice communications on August 7, 2023 as well as with other subjects. Included in these messages are the following:

  • Victim to Dylan Dantas at about 11:14:09 AM – “pik da phone jit”
  • Dylan Dantas to his girlfriend at about 11:24:05 AM – “Nvm bruh dis ima bout to deal”, “W dis nigga
  • Dylan Dantas to the victim at about 11:27:15 AM – “Disappointed Fr doe”
  • Dylan Dantas to the victim at about 11:27:22 AM – “Waiting on u doe”
  • Dylan Dantas to the victim at about 11:27:26 AM – Location sent (Dantas residence)
  • Victim’s girlfriend to Dylan Dantas at about 11:31:50 AM – “Ur taking this way outta proportion (VICTIM
    NAME) wasn’t even mad bout it”
  • Victim’s girlfriend to Dylan Dantas at about 11:32:12 AM – “Now chill tf out”
  • Victim’s girlfriend to Dylan Dantas at about 11:35:36 AM “How u gonna call ur brother pussy like he
    literally isn’t mad”
  • Multiple incoming text messages from victim’s girlfriend starting at about 11:37 AM – “Your blowing this wayyyyyy outta proportion”, “You need to chill fr”, “Also grow up”,

In the video, deputies say, it is clear that Dylan Dantas fired the first shot and then proceeded to approach the already injured victim.

Dantas has been arrested and charged with Possession Of Weapon – Or Ammo By Fla Delinquent Adult Felony along with Homicide – Murder Dangerous Depraved Wo Premeditation.


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