George Eveleth Charged With Sexual Battery On Child Less Than 12 Years Of Age. Lives In Watergate Estates.

BOCA RATON, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — George Eveleth of Boca Raton has been arrested and charged with sexual battery on a child, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

George Eveleth, 70, who lives on the 10000 block of North Branch Road in Watergate Estates, a mobile home community in western unincorporated Boca Raton, has been arrested by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. While the official arrest report is still being processed, Boca Post has been notified that Eveleth has been charged with sexual battery on a child (less than 12 years of age).

Watergate Estates is a high-crime subdivision in West Boca Raton, known to be home to many sex offenders. In fact, a search of FDLE’s sex offender registry lists two known sexual predators who live less than 150 feet from Eveleth’s home on North Branch Road.

Eveleth was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 3:24 AM on Tuesday, June 6th, 2023.

Check back here for updated details about this arrest as the details become available.