OUT OF JAIL: West Boca Raton Math Tutor Arrested For Possession Of Child P*rn

Samuel Roth Arrested For Possession Of Child P*rn. First PBSO Detective Tipped Off Parents Who Wiped Devices, Second Detective Makes The Arrest. Roth Is Back Home, On Bond.

West Boca Man Arrested For Possession Of Child P*Rn - Samuel Roth

West Boca Raton Math Tutor Arrested For Possession Of Child P*Rn – Samuel Roth

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A West Boca Raton Math tutor has been arrested for possession of child P*rn, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Samuel Roth, 19, of 19594 Black Olive Lane in the Boca Isles community located in West Boca Raton, has been arrested Friday evening by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. Boca Post has been notified that Roth has been charged with 5 counts of “OBSCENE MATERIAL-POSSESS – POSS CONTROL VIEW DEPICTION CHILD SEX CONDUCT”.

The investigation started in November with a CYBERTIP from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). In these types of cases, local law enforcement agencies investigate the tips that NCMEC submits and builds probable cause to arrest the suspect. That is exactly what happened to the former Boca Raton YMCA camp counselor who was arrested for a large possessing a large amount of child P*rn.

Roth’s parents say they “wiped” his devices after they were instructed to by PBSO detective Grimaldi in 2021 who called them about child P*rn being downloaded from her home when this tip was first investigated. At that time, Ross told his parents he believed the images were of adults.

It is not clear why the first PBSO detective assigned to the case would tell Roth and his parents to wipe devices suspected of containing evidence making it unavailable for the second detective who was later unable to find the photos.

When the second investigator interviewed Roth, she learned that Roth tutors elementary-aged children who he says he doesn’t have a “problem or find them attractive”. Roth went on to say that on “the internet it is totally different”.

Boca Post has learned that Roth was employed as a math tutor at a well-known math tutoring center in Boca Raton. When Boca Post attempted to confirm this with the company, the owner of the company responded that Roth is no longer an employee and threatened to sue Boca Post for defamation, refusing to answer any other questions.

Samuel Roth admitted to investigators that he is “aroused” by young girls and kids. He admits to searching for images of young girls using keywords such as “young”, “nude”, and “omegle”.

Note, Omegle is an online chat website popular with predators because it does not require any registration.

According to the arrest affidavit submitted by Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, Roth used Microsoft Bing Image to find similar images to some child P*rn images he uploaded to the site. Parts of the narrative from the official arrest affidavit submitted by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office can be found below:

“Bing Image” is an online search tool operated by Microsoft as part of its suite of Online Software and Services. Users search for an image on Bing either by posting an image or URL or by taking a photo or by dragging an image to browse similar images. Visual Search lets you search the web using an image instead of text. You can use Visual Search to find similar images, products, pages that include an image, and even recipes. This can be used using a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Microsoft does not require an account to use this feature. To use visual search, a user will use an image they already possess and “drop” it into the search bar. The user will then be presented with a gallery of “similar” images to browse or download.

Cybertip #103849041 was reported by Microsoft BingImage on October 05, 2021, in reference to a user who had uploaded 3 files alleged to depict the sexual abuse of a child. Microsoft averred that they had not reviewed the files prior to sending them to NCMEC, but that the image(s) “match identically to hash values of images reviewed by Microsoft moderators”.

The IP address reported and the subscriber information returned match that of Cybertips 87762004 and Cybertips 88144373. Comcast reported IP logs for both the subpoena I served, as well as the subpoena served by Detective Grimaldi. The IP logs list the above address leasing the reported IP for periods 10/26/2020 through 04/21/21 and 6/11/21 through 12/02/21. Each of the reported uploads was within these time frames, indicating they were all uploaded at the above address.

Your Affiant viewed the following files reported by Snap Chat and confirmed that they contained child sexual abuse material and met the elements of child sexual exploitation as per F.S.S. 827.071. The following is a list of the reported images from the three Cybertips, with very graphic descriptions.

On January 12, 2022, the Palm Beach County School board reported Samuel Aaron Roth (10/02/2002) as living at 19594 Black Olive Ln in Boca Raton. According to law enforcement databases, Jaime Roth (12/26/72), Michelle Weiss (11/30/77), and a juvenile, also reside at the reported address.

On April 12, 2022, I interviewed Jamie Roth and Michelle Weiss at their residence, 19594 Black Olive Ln in Boca Raton, Florida. Weiss advised she received a call from Detective Grimaldi in 2021 who advised her that child P*rn images were being downloaded from her home. Weiss stated Samuel Aaron Roth confessed to using Bing to view and download the images, stating they were age difficult and he believed them to be adults. Weiss stated she had several conversations with Detective Grimaldi who discussed privacy controls and had Roth “wipe” the devices.

Samuel Aaron Roth was not home at the time of the interview. Roth’s father, Jamie Roth advised his son’s desktop computer was located in his bedroom. He gave me verbal and written consent to search the computer. I located a custom PC tower on the desk near the bedroom that was said to be Samuel Roth’s. Jamie Roth sent Samuel Roth a text message asking for the password to his computer and advised him to return to the residence. Roth responded that his computer password was 29443132. I was able to log into the computer using the provided password. I then turned the computer off, unplugged it, and removed it from the residence.

Samuel Roth returned to the residence. Post Miranda, Roth told me he was “aroused” by young girls/kids. He stated he actively searches for images of young girls using the search terms “young”, “nude” and “omegle”. He said he found the images mainly on Omegle. He said he has been “less interested lately” in young girls and is “trying to get rid of the interest because it is weighing on his life”. Roth advised he is not aroused by children in person, such as on the street, but masturbates to the images he finds online. He stated he tutors elementary-aged kids and doesn’t have a “problem or find them attractive” but on “the internet it is totally different”. He stated he is interested in children ages 13-17 but “isn’t a good judge of age”. Roth could not explain why all of the reported images were pre-pubescent. He stated he needed “help” but didn’t want to go to jail or have his friends judge them. Roth admitted to searching for images of child P*rn “two months ago “but stated he was “trying to stop”.

I showed Roth sanitized images that were reported by Bing. He initially stated he did not recognize the images. Roth later stated he recognized some of the images, specifically the compilation image, but he refused to look at them again.

Samuel Roth advised he has a black iPhone. Upon request, Roth handed me the phone and signed a consent to search. He provided me with the password 021002.

I placed both the computer and phone into PBSO evidence to be forensically examined.

On April 14, 2022, the Honorable Dina Keever granted a warrant to search the two devices I collected from the residence.

On May 18, 2022, the devices were downloaded by digital forensic detectives.

Bing was used on several occasions on both the cellphone and custom PC tower. I was not able to locate any child sexual abuse material on either device.

Based on the above investigation, there is probable cause to believe that Samuel Roth did unlawfully and knowingly possess, control or intentionally view 5 photographs which, in whole or in part, Samuel Roth knew to include any sexual conduct by a child, contrary to Florida Statute 827.071(5)(a). Charges are to be filed with the State Attorneys’ office.

Roth is one of several individuals who have been arrested in the area for the same charges. Boca Post recently reported on a Valet At The Boca Raton Resort Arrested For Possession Of Child P*rn.

Roth was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 7:49 on Friday evening. Roth has since been released since posting a $37,500 bond.

According to court records, Roth appeared in front of a judge this morning with his lawyer, Joshua Danz of Danz Law. The judge ordered Roth not to use a computer or any device connected to the internet. Roth is also not to have contact with anyone under the age of 18. The judge set Roth’s bond at $7,500 for each charge, totaling $37,500.