Man Arrested After Refusing To Leave Yard House In Boca Raton

Man Arrested After Refusing To Leave Yard House In Boca Raton
Man Arrested After Refusing To Leave Yard House In Boca Raton

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — Boca Raton Police were called when a man refused to leave Yard House in Boca Raton after allegedly causing a disturbance.

The man was arrested on trespassing charges following his encounter with Boca Raton Police Department on Saturday evening. Boca Police say they responded to Yard House in Mizner in reference to a complaint that the man would not leave the establishment. The manager said the man was causing a disturbance and asked him to leave.

The following is part of the officer’s narrative from the arrest report submitted by the Boca Raton Police Department:

On 07-28-2022 at 1911 hours I arrived at Yard House Boca Raton (201 Plaza Real) in reference to an intoxicated white male. On arrival, I met with Ofc. Mendoza advised me that there was an intoxicated white male refusing to leave the establishment (Yard House). I then spoke with the manager of Yard House, Justin Lottman, who advised that the white male was causing a disturbance at the bar. He explained that the man had been asked to leave by himself, along with Mizner Park security officers Paul and Ignacio prior to calling Boca Raton Police Department.

I met with the man at the bar, and he explained that he did not do anything wrong and refused to leave the establishment. I explained to the man that if he did not leave, he would be issued a Trespass warning, but he refused to leave. Manager Justin Lottman issued a verbal trespass warning, and the man again refused to leave. He was placed into BRPD-issued handcuffs which were checked for proper spacing and double locked.

Officer Mendoza and I then escorted the man outside of the establishment to be placed into my marked patrol vehicle. The man was verbally combative, not wishing to sit inside my vehicle. The man eventually complied and sat in the passenger side backseat of my patrol vehicle. Officer Mendoza and I assisted the man with sitting completely inside the vehicle so I could close the door.

While at the Boca Raton Police Department (100 NW 2nd Ave) the man began banging his head on the partition inside my patrol vehicle causing a small laceration in the middle of his forehead, BRFD responded to treat the injury prior to my departure to county jail. While en route to PBCJ, the man began complaining of wrist pain. I pulled into the parking lot at 690 W Glades Rd. where Ofc. Owirka responded to stand by while I again checked the handcuffs, they were found to have proper spacing and were double locked.

Upon arrival at the county jail, PBSO advised that they would not be able to accept the male at the jail unless he was medically cleared by hospital staff. The man explained that he would not get into the vehicle and Ofc. Horne responded to PBCJ to assist. The man was transported to Wellington Medical Center in BRPD marked unit 385 (Officer Horne’s) without incident. He was medically cleared and brought back to the county jail, see Ofc. Horne supplemental report for further details. Photos of the man’s wrists were taken using my BRPD-issued MVR.

The man was arrested for violating F.S.S. 810.09(2B), Trespass after warning after he refused to leave the Yard House after being issued a Trespass warning from management. He was transported to Palm Beach County Jail.

Man Arrested After Refusing To Leave Yard House In Boca Raton - Boca Post



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