Boca Raton Man Runs Out Of Gas, Arrested For Stolen Car

Boca Raton Man Runs Out Of Gas, Arrested For Stolen Car - Robert Coulter

Boca Raton Man Runs Out Of Gas, Arrested For Stolen Car – Robert Coulter, Mugshot Not Yet Available, The Suspect Is In The Hospital.

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Boca Raton man is in some trouble after he ran out of gas and was caught pushing a vehicle Boca Raton Police determined was stolen the day before.

Robert Coulter, 45, of Conference Drive in Boca Raton, was arrested for Grand Theft Auto early on Friday morning following a public assistance call on Palmetto Park Road near the I-95 on-ramp late on Thursday evening.

Passing motorists called 911 when they saw Coulter pushing a Mini-Cooper along Palmetto Park Road. Boca Raton Fire Rescue responded and assisted Coulter, who they transported to Boca Raton Regional Hospital due to chest pains. While the responding Police officer remained at the scene, he discovered the Mini-Cooper was reported stolen the day before.

The officer then interviewed members of the responding fire rescue unit, Rescue 2, who all confirmed that Coulter had the keys to the vehicle in his pocket. Some even say they observed him attempt to start the vehicle.

The officer then went to Boca Raton Regional Hospital to speak to Coulter who said he purchased the vehicle for $6,500 approximately 3 months prior. Coulter claims that the victim has all of the paperwork regarding the sale of the vehicle. Coulter alleged that the victim is just being vindictive against him because Coulter relapsed on drugs.

Coulter was charged with Grand Theft Auto. Since Coulter is admitted to Boca Raton Regional Hospital, he will be transported to Palm Beach County Jail once he is medically cleared. Coulter is also being charged with violation of his probation and failure to appear for an unrelated case.