Boca Raton Man Arrested For Fraudulent Use Of Credit Cards

Boca Raton’s Gregory Hudson Charged With Credit Card Fraud And Theft Charges

Boca Raton'S Gregory Hudson Charged On Credit Card Fraud And Theft Charges

Boca Raton’S Gregory Hudson Charged With Credit Card Fraud And Theft Charges

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Boca Raton man has been arrested for several felonies for fraudulent crimes, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Gregory Hudson, 58, of the 4000 block of NE 5th Ave in east Boca Raton, has been arrested early Tuesday morning by the Delray Beach Police Department. Boca Post has been notified that the charges include six counts of “FRAUD-ILLEG USE CREDIT CARDS – USE MORE 2 TIME 6 MS OBT GDS MNEY 100 DOL MORE” and one count of “LARC – POSS RECEIVE RETAIN STOLEN CREDIT DEBIT CARD”.

The narrative from the official arrest affidavit as submitted by the Delray Beach Police Department can be found below:

On 08/01/2022 I responded to 301 W Atlantic Ave (Tony~s Market) in reference to a fraud investigation.

Upon arrival, I contacted victim Frank Aular in front of the business. Frank advised that he accidentally dropped his wallet inside Tony’s Market earlier today at approximately 0830 hrs. Inside of the gray wallet was a Florida driver’s License, Bank of America Credit Card, and Bank of America Debit Card. Later in the day, he received a text message from Bank of America Security asking if he had used his Credit Card ending in 5632 at: Pat’s Beverages for $19.51, Declined, 08/01 G Conte’s Pizza’s s, $16.56, Approved, 08/01, Tony’s Market Deli $9.98, Approved, 08/01?. Frank immediately realized these charges were fraudulent and alerted his Bank. He also checked his Online banking cell phone application and realized there were more fraudulent charges with the same credit card ending in 5632. I then obtained video surveillance of the suspect and sent it to DBPD Population Service Advocate Arianna Ciancio via PD Outlook email asking if she could identify the suspect in the video and she identified the suspect as Gregory Hudson.


I went inside Tonys Market and spoke with clerk Pharnicia Etienne (07/09/1993) and obtained a sworn statement captured on BWC. Etienne stated that a black male subject came into the store and made several purchases. Those purchases consisted of several items such as beer and food. Etienne provided me receipts of the items that Hudson purchased with the stolen credit card. The transactions listed on the receipts are as followed: 1539 hrs- 305 Purple 100s for $5.44, 1550 hrs- “Non-Taxable” for $5.71, 1619 hrs- “Non-Taxable” and Bugles Ranch for $8.60, and 1620 hrs- Deli Hot Food for $9.33. On each of the receipts, it showed the method of payment and on each one there was account #, she stated the male exited the store after each transaction and then returned into the store. The video surveillance showed him entering the store from the eastern entrance. Etienne described the male as a black male wearing a gray shirt, pants, black shoes, and glasses. I than showed her the video surveillance I obtained, and she stated that was the suspect (Hudson). It should be noted, that in the video surveillance, Hudson was wearing a grey shirt, eyeglasses, tan shorts with dark stains on the front, and dark-colored shoes.

A short time later, I located a black male subject who looked identical to the suspect in the Tony’s Market video surveillance. The male was walking west in the 400 block of w Atlantic Ave. I contacted him in the first block of NW 4th Ave, and I asked the subject what his name was, and he said, Gregory. I exited my fully marked DBPD police vehicle in full DBPD police uniform and contacted him. His clothing identically matched the outfit he was wearing in the video surveillance and even had the same dark stains on the front of his shorts. He presented his FL ID card and was identified as Gregory Hudson.


Officer Butner stood by with Hudson while I went back to Tony’s Market and drove Etienne back to Officer Butner for a show-up. Upon seeing Hudson, Etienne immediately positively identified Hudson as the suspect from Tony’s Market. I even asked her if she was 100% sure and she stated she was. Hudson was placed under arrest and was read his Miranda Warnings which he acknowledged.

A search of Hudson’s person incident to arrest revealed that inside of his wallet was a red Bank of America Cash Rewards Mastercard with Frank M Aular on the front just underneath the chip. On the rear of the card, also read Frank M Aular with the credit card number directly underneath his name. It should be noted this is the same credit card number on each of the Tony’s Market receipts. I was unable to obtain a receipt from Pat’s because the transaction did not actually go through. After reviewing Pat’s surveillance again which has the angle right over Hudson’s left shoulder. In the video, you can clearly see the red credit card and it clearly looks identical to the top side of Aular’s credit card that was located on Hudson’s person.

Later on, in the DBPD Temporary Holding Facility cell number 7 a post-Miranda interview was conducted. During the interview, which was captured on my body-worn camera, Hudson admitted the following: His buddy “Richard” drove him to Tony’s Market and gave him the credit card which was a rewards card so he can purchase “beer, cigarettes, and food” from Tony’s Market. It should be noted that the victim’s credit card was a rewards card. After Tony’s Market, he stated “Richard” drove him to Pat’s and I asked him what he bought which he replied “nothing” because the card did not work. I also asked him what he purchased at Conte’s and he replied a “sandwich”. I then asked Hudson if the card was a red Bank of America card which he replied “yes, I just used it”. I then showed him the video surveillance from Pat’s Beverage & Liquors and asked him if that was him in the video and he replied “yeah. ” I then asked Hudson if he was acknowledging that it was not his credit card and he replied “yeah”.

Due to the above-stated facts, I find probable cause to charge Gregory Hudson with Five Counts of Fraudulent Use of Credit Card pursuant to FSS 817.61 and Possession of Stolen. Credit Card Pursuant to PSS 817.60(8).

Hudson was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 12:07 on Tuesday morning. Hudson is scheduled to see a judge for his first appearance later this morning.