Boca Raton Man Accused Of Strangulation, Charged With Attacking Cops

Austin Smith Of Boca Raton Charged With Battery, Resisting With Violence, More

Austin Smith Of Boca Raton Charged With Battery, Resisting With Violence, More
Austin Smith Of Boca Raton Charged With Battery, Resisting With Violence, More

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — Boca Raton Police arrest Austin Smith of Boca Raton after he allegedly strangled his girlfriend and then attacked responding law enforcement officers.

According to an arrest affidavit submitted by the Boca Raton Police Department, officers responded to 1122 W. Camino Real in Boca Raton at approximately 11 PM in reference to a domestic disturbance.

Officers responded to find a white male, later identified as Austin Smith, with a “Florida / gun” tattoo on his stomach standing in the front driveway. After walking towards Smith on the sidewalk, Smith began to shout “What the (expletive) ya’ll (expletive) calling me for?!” Ofc. Officers respond with, “Because somebody called us.” Smith then began to walk toward the cops in an angry manner and pointed and said “(expletive) you,”, “Suck my (expletive)”, and “Eat my (expletive).” Smith continued to walk toward the officers until one of the officers pointed a taser at him. Officers then attempted to apprehend Smith.

After a struggle, the officers were able to handcuff Smith who then said “You (expletive) (expletive) police (expletive).” and “(expletive) I will kill you and your whole (expletive) family and you’ll be dead.”

Smith then kicked one of the officers multiple times. A struggle then ensued between Smith and the other officers so that Smith would not continue to batter them.

Smith continued to act like he could not breathe while on the ground even after he was placed on his side in the recovery position and with no officers on him. While on the ground Smith continued to curse at officers, slur his words, and make comments that didn’t make sense. The officers say that Smith was purposely shaking his body and was moving his feet back and forth.

After Smith was secure, Boca Raton Fire Rescue respond to assist Smith. Officers then cleared the rest of the house due to exigent circumstances. While inside the residence, officers say they observed a large dog inside the residence, a black 7-inch knife lying on the living room floor, and the window in the kitchen and southeast bedroom was broken.

The homeowner reported that the victim called the homeowner and stated Smith was drunk and breaking items inside the home. The homeowner told the victim she should leave before Smith hit her. The homeowner was able to observe through his ring camera, on his front door, and observed possibly a bigger male, drive up in the driveway. Smith got in the face and possibly got into an altercation with later placed the victim into the vehicle and the vehicle left.

Police said they then made contact with the victim via telephone and she informed me that she would return to the scene to speak with me. While on the phone, the victim informed me she and Smith have been in an intimate relationship since May 2022.


When the victim arrived, she spoke with the police and told them that Smith called the victim because they have been having relationship issues and he wanted to work things out with the victim, but he was also saying that he wanted to kill himself. As the victim pulled up in an Uber at approximately 2050 hours, Smith was already in the middle of the street drunk. The victim was able to calm him down, but the victim said he randomly went “ballistic.”

The victim told police she observed Smith break the window to the home and smashed Tito’s alcoholic beverage bottle in the bathroom sink. He then put the large kitchen knife to his throat and made a cutting motion on his neck with the knife, but he did not cut himself. She screamed and asked him what was wrong with him and he threw the knife down. He proceeded to break items in the home. She was crying and they both went back into his bedroom. At some point during the night, Smith pushed the victim up into the closet in his room and grabbed her by the neck, and restricted her airway against her will.

Smith then kept pushing her into the door and poking her in the face against her will. He then laid down on the floor and the victim walked outside of the residence and said she was leaving.

The mother of the victim and another witness came to pick up the victim when they were confronted by Smith. One of the witnesses says he defended himself and put Smith on the ground. The mother, nor the witness, say they were never afraid for their safety.

Smith was transported to Boca Raton Regional Hospital where he was treated for his wounds and will be transported to the Palm Beach County Jail once he is released from the hospital.

Smith is on probation for his involvement in a strong arm robbery that occurred in West Boca Raton about two years ago.

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