BACK IN JAIL: Former Executive Repeatedly Drugs Wife And Sexually Assaults Her On Video

$750,000 Bond Has Been Revoked. Former Executive Arrested For Serial Date Rape, Back In Jail.

Arrested Boca Man Arrested For Sexual Battery And Voyeurism - Carlisle Kirkpatrick

Arrested Boca Man Arrested For Sexual Battery And Voyeurism – Carlisle Kirkpatrick, Image Courtesy: Pbso Jail


Kirkpatrick was taken into custody while in court today and is back in jail and his previous $750,000 bond was revoked.

The court has ordered that the original $750,000 bond is revoked and that Kirkpatrick is to be held without bond on all counts. Kirkpatrick was remanded in open court and then taken into PBSO custody where he remains at the time of this writing.

Originally reported by Boca Post

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — Carlisle Kirkpatrick IV is waking up in one of PBSO’s jail cells this morning after being arrested by Boca Raton Police Department on 6 charges of sexual battery and 6 charges of voyeurism.

Kirkpatrick was arrested by BRPD and booked into the PBSO jail this morning at 1:15 AM.

Carlisle Kirkpatrick IV is currently facing the following charges:

  • 6 counts of 794.011 4B (FF) SEX ASSLT – SEX BAT 18 YR OR OLDER BY PRSN 18 YR OR OLD
  • 6 counts of 810.145 2 (FT) SEX OFFENSE – VIDEO VOYEURISM 19 YOA OR OLDER 1ST OFF

Kirkpatrick was present in court this morning at his first appearance where he was represented by defense attorney Kenneth Duane Lemoine. The judge set Kirkpatrick IV’s bail at $750,000. $100,000 for each sexual battery charge and $25,000 for each voyeurism charge.

Boca Post has had a chance to review the arrest report that charges Carlisle Kirkpatrick IV with 6 counts of Sexual Assault and 6 counts of Voyeurism. The heavily redacted report tells us that Kirkpatrick is accused of filming himself having sexual intercourse with a woman after she is unconscious, many times.

The woman, who will remain anonymous, tells police that she suspected he was drugging her as she would regularly see some sediment at the bottom of her cocktails. The woman also claims that she would ‘black out’ after only a couple of drinks. The woman also says there was a camera in the bedroom; however, it was pointed away from the bed. She became very suspicious once she saw it was pointed at the bed so she pulled the memory card.

A check of the memory showed a video of the woman unconscious in bed while Kirkpatrick had sexual intercourse with her. The woman found additional videos and photos on Kirkpatrick’s phone. All in all, the woman provides police with 6 videos of 6 different occasions where Kirkpatrick had non-consensual sexual intercourse with her.

On the police report, Kirkpatrick listed Motion Point, a start-up in Coconut Creek, as his employer with the job title CFO. Motion Point has apparently since taken Kirk’s photo and bio off of their website. A cached version of the ‘Our Team’ page shows that the company did in fact list Carlisle ‘Kirk’ Kirkpatrick as their Chief Financial Officer.

Carlisle Kirk Kirkpatrick Motion Point

Carlisle Kirk Kirkpatrick Motion Point, Image Credit: Google

The report also indicates that Kirkpatrick is accused of sexual battery on a child who the woman is responsible for. The child was reportedly acting out in school. The child later told the woman that Kirkpatrick touches him inappropriately.

Boca Raton Police Department tells Boca Post that this case is connected to an ongoing criminal investigation and is not releasing further details at this time.