BAD COP: Deputy Arrested For Dealing Drugs In Broward County Jail

Deputy Victoria Campos-Marquetti Arrested For Dealing Drugs In County Jail

Deputy Victoria Campos-Marquetti Arrested For Dealing Drugs In County Jail

Deputy Victoria Campos-Marquetti Arrested For Dealing Drugs In County Jail

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – Boca Post ( — A Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy is under arrest after she was accused of introducing illegal drugs into the Broward County Jail she worked as a corrections officer.

A detention deputy with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office changes uniforms today as she is now an inmate, following her arrest for bringing drugs into the Main Jail.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office tells Boca Post that a confidential informant reported that BSO Department of Detention (DOD) Deputy Victoria Campos-Marquetti was possibly having a relationship with an inmate and had brought unknown contraband into the Main Jail.

BSO’s Public Corruption Unit, Strategic Investigations Division Major Narcotics Unit, and DOD’s Security Threat Group conducted a joint investigation.

Investigators said they developed information that the relationship “created an alleged ongoing enterprise, in which Campos-Marquetti would willingly introduce contraband (narcotics) into the jail facility at the request of the inmate” in exchange for $500.

On Monday night, Aug. 22, 2022, when Campos-Marquetti went to work at the Main Jail, the confidential informant notified detectives that Campos-Marquetti agreed to meet with his “brother” to pick up 50 oxycodone pills, and $250 was sent to her via CashApp. Detectives said at the end of her shift, Campos-Marquetti left the Main Jail and called the undercover BSO detective, posing as the brother, to discuss a time and location to meet in Miramar and receive her remaining $250 in cash and the oxycodone pills.

Detectives said at approximately 12:35 a.m. after the transaction had taken place, Campos-Marquetti was taken into custody. During the arrest, investigators found a loaded Glock pistol concealed in her waistband. Campos-Marquetti faces one count each of possession of oxycodone with intent to sell, unlawful compensation and possession of a firearm while in the commission of a felony.

“I commend the work of our investigators to root out this illegal activity that was occurring in the jail. The deputy’s corrupt actions will not hinder the progress and outstanding work of the men and women of the Broward Sheriff’s Office who serve Broward County with integrity,” Sheriff Gregory Tony said.

Deputy Campos-Marquetti has been with BSO since January 2021. Following Tuesday’s arrest, she was suspended without pay.