“You Don’t Have That Right”

BOCA RATON, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — Boca Raton PD investigates one of their own after public outcry over the recent arrest of a couple.

Chief Michele Miuccio of the Boca Raton Police Department has said that an internal affairs investigation was launched into Officer McNichol after the recent arrest in the video below. Chief Miuccio also said she is committed to maintaining trust and transparency with the community.

The statement is in response to an arrest on Monday, May 22nd, 2023. Police responded to the Mobil gas station on 8081 Congress Ave in reference to a domestic disturbance call. Officers heard reports that a man was not letting a woman leave while a young child was running around the vehicle.

Police say that the couple refused to provide officers with identification or even identify themselves. The woman behind the steering wheel, later identified as Nerillia Laurent, told Officer McNichol she didn’t need to give him her ID. Officer McNichol told Laurent that if she didn’t provide her ID he would arrest her. She refused, so he took her into custody, as seen in the video.

Officer McNichol is heard in the video telling the man, later identified as Harry Hardy, that he was investigating the couple because they were having a dispute “in my city”. In the video, Officer McNichol is heard telling the suspects, “You don’t have that right”.

Nerillia Laurent and Harry Hardy were both arrested for several felonies.