Richard “Rick” Dorfman Arrested For DUI Manslaughter For August 2022 DUI Crash

BOCA RATON, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — Boca Raton lawyer Richard “Rick” Dorfman faces manslaughter charges following last year’s high speed DUI crash that killed a woman in unincorporated Boca Raton.

Dorfman was arrested on Thursday, August 17th, 2023, as the 1-year anniversary of the deadly accident approaches

New evidence made public confirms what we reported last year, that PBSO suspected Dorfman was under the influence at the time of the deadly crash that killed Ingrid Noon. In face, investigators say that Dorfman had a blood alcohol level of .211 while at the hospital following the crash. In addition to the alcohol, Dorfman was under the influence of Marijuana, according to blood test results.

Investigators say that both Dorfman and Noon were seen leaving the parking lot of the Brickyard on Palmetto Park Road at the same time before the crash. Investigators say that the two entered the their vehicles, exited the plaza, and headed south on Powerline Road at the same time, prior to the crash on 18th Street at 2:11 AM.

Investigators say that while Noon was deaccelerating as she approached the light at the Boca Rio Road, Dorfman’s Tesla was at 100% acceleration, according to the Tesla’s onboard computer. Just before the crash, Dorfman’s Tesla Model 3 was approaching the rear of Noon’s motorcycle at 104 MPH as she was preparing to stop at the yellow light.

Just before the collision, investigators say that the brake light on Noon’s motorcycle was starting to dim, as if she was letting go of the brake lever, but it was too late.

PBSO says that when Dorfman called 9-1-1, he was slurring his speech, and provided the incorrect road several times, to spite being corrected by the dispatcher. Dorfman told the dispatcher that the a motorcycle unexpectedly pulled out in front of him, going really fast.

Noon was transported to Delray Medical Center, the nearest trauma center, where she later died. Responding PBSO deputies reported that Dorfman had slurred speech and appeared to be under the influence. Dorfman was transported to Boca Regional Medical Center where blood draws were conducted.

Now, almost a year later, charges have been filed. Dorfman has been charged with DUI Manslaughter and Vehicular Homicide. Dorfman, a Boca Raton attorney in good standing, according to the Florida Bar, has since been released from jail and now awaits trial in his home, on house arrest.

Readers ask why he has not been arrested and some have even accused us of fabricating the allegations, citing rumors that the vehicle malfunctioned. We would like to remind those readers that real life law enforcement is not like what is seen on TV where the “bad guy” is arrested at the end of the 60-minute show. In real life investigations take time and are slowed down even further by due diligence, and litigation.