Tropical Storm Alex Has Moved Away From Florida

Wind speeds increased to 50 MPH. Heading Out To Sea.

Tropical Storm Alex Has Moved Away From Florida

Tropical Storm Alex Has Moved Away From Florida

UPDATE – 6/5/22 – 5AM

Potential Tropical Cyclone One has been upgraded and named Tropical Storm Alex. As predicted, the storm strengthened over the Atlantic as it is now headed away from Florida. Tropical Storm Alex, the remnants of Hurricane Agatha from the Pacific Ocean, appears to be heading out to sea.

The storm caused a lot of flooding across South Florida but no other major wind-related damages have been reported.

Now that Alex has been assigned, the next named storm will be “Bonnie”.

UPDATE – 2:30 PM

You may see some surfers at the beach. The lawn may start drying out. While this storm is mostly gone, we are still expecting some heavy rains tonight. For that reason, NWS tells Boca Post that our area remains under a flood watch until 8 PM.

If you don’t absolutely need to go anywhere, don’t.

From the National Weather Service:

  • Flooding caused by excessive rainfall continues to be
  • A portion of South Florida, including the following areas, Coastal Broward, Coastal Miami-Dade, Coastal Palm Beach, Far South Miami-Dade, Inland Broward, Inland Miami Dade, Inland Palm Beach, Metro Broward, Metro Miami-Dade and Metro Palm Beach.
  • Until 8 PM EDT this evening.
  • 4 to 10 inches of rainfall has occurred over the eastern half of South Florida in the last \ 24 to 36 hours. This has caused the grounds to become very saturated over the area. Ongoing minor flooding is still occurring over some areas. Any additional rainfall will aggravate the ongoing flooding.Therefore, the flood watch remains in effect until 8PM this evening for the eastern half of South Florida.


The National Hurricane Center has provided Boca Post with an update saying that they expect Tropical Cyclone One to be upgraded to Tropical Storm later today.

Take a look as the Boca Inlet gets slammed. As always, you can see live camera shots of area beaches on Boca Post.

Take a look at live camera shots at Boca Raton Beaches.

Live Beach Cams At Boca Raton'S South Beach Park

Live Beach Cam At Boca Raton’S South Beach Park

Originally reported by Boca Post

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — As “Potential Tropical Cyclone One” continues to strengthen, experts believe it will become Tropical Storm Alex today and continue to dump large amounts of rain on us here in Boca Raton and beyond.

NHC says the maximum sustained wind speed observed has been 40 MPH with gusts of up to 51 MPH. It is not the wind that has local authorities concerned. This storm has already proven to be a rainmaker.

NHC tells Boca Post that this storm will continue to produce heavy rain throughout the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, South Florida, and Central Florida all day today.

NHC expects the storm to move across southern and central Florida today and then into the Atlantic Ocean overnight.

NHC tells Boca Post that they do not expect a change in status or strength of the storm before it hits Florida.

This storm is expected to strengthen after it passes Florida and enters the Atlantic Ocean.