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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Temperatures Drop Tonight And What You Need To Know About It

Much Of The County Under A Frost Warning Tonight

Temperatures Drop Tonight And What You Need To Know About It
Temperatures Drop Tonight And What You Need To Know About It

Boca Raton, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Much of Palm Beach county and the surrounding areas under a frost warning tonight as temperatures dip in to the low 30s.

A Warning From The National Weather Service

No, it’s not a hurricane this time. The National Weather Service has issued the following frost warning at 0930 on January 23rd, 2022:

Glades-Hendry-Inland Palm Beach-Inland Collier-
Including the cities of Palmdale, Moore Haven, Clewiston,
LaBelle, Big Cypress Seminole Reservation, Pahokee, South Bay,
Belle Glade, Wellington, Lion Country Safari,
South County Regional Park, and Immokalee
930 AM EST Sun Jan 23 2022


* WHAT…Temperatures around 33 to 36 degrees will result in
frost formation.

* WHERE…Glades, Hendry, Inland Palm Beach and Inland Collier

* WHEN…From 2 AM to 8 AM EST Monday.

* IMPACTS…Frost could kill sensitive outdoor vegetation if left


Take steps now to protect tender plants from the cold.

Things You Should Know

South Florida winters are nothing like what the transplants here are used to. Having said that, cold nights can sometimes cause problems. Here are a few things to consider:

Replace Air Filters / Service Your A/C

Don’t be alarmed if you smell a burning smell when you fire up your heater for the first time as it may have dust on it that will burn off when it gets hot. Of course, if there is a lot of dust, you may want to have a professional clear it out first. Regularly replacing the air filters in your house is a good way to prevent that issue.

Look After Your Pets and Plants

If you have tropical birds, fish, reptiles, or other pets sensitive to cold weather, you definitely want to make sure they are taken care of properly and kept out of the cold

You will want to check on your potted plants that you have outside. Look them up to make sure they can survive the cold temperatures or bring them in. Cover up any plants that cannot be relocated.

Grass Matters, too

If you have an irrigation system that runs automatically, usually very early in the morning, you may want to shut it off tonight. Watering grass during a frost warning is not a good idea as it will increase the risk of frost on plants and grass.

Beware: Falling Iguanas

Be careful when walking under those big beautiful palm trees for falling objects. No not coconuts, but the Iguanas! 40 degrees is the temperature at which an Iguana’s blood flow doesn’t move very quickly and it’s when they are observed falling out of trees.

If you do see Iguanas that have fallen due to the cold, it is advised that you just leave them alone. People have been bitten trying to help them after they wake up.

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