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Where To Get The Cheapest Gas Near Boca Raton

Oftentimes, Boca Raton residents need to travel outside of the Boca Raton zip codes to get the best deals on commodities, including fuel.

UPDATE: Two Injured After BMW Crashes Into West Boca Raton House

Two people were sent to Delray Medical Center with serious injuries after a neighbkr drove a BMW into their West Boca home.

Boca Raton Woman Killed In Car Accident In Front Of West Boca Raton Walmart

A Boca Raton woman has been killed in a car accident near the Walmart entrance on Palmetto Park Road in West Boca Raton on Wednesday afternoon.

UPDATE: Cows Seen On Palmetto Park Road In West Boca Raton

A West Boca resident shows his appreciation to PBSO's district 7 deputies by catering them a lunch for their help in rescuing his therapy cows on July 4th.

Boca Ridge Man Shoots Himself In Leg, Transported To Hospital

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office is on scene at 20816 Boca Ridge Dr in Boca Raton in response to a shooting call where a man accidentally shot himself in the leg.

ALERT: Another Sexual Predator Moves To West Boca Raton

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office tells Boca Post that Watergate Estates in West Boca Raton has a new resident, a sexual predator from Leon County by the name of Terrance Trevon Johnson.

West Boca Raton Business Owner Arrested For Writing Bad Checks

A West Boca man was arrested on Thursday after being accused of writing bad checks, totaling $85,000, as part of a business transaction where he was purchasing latex gloves.

STINKY PROPOSAL: West Boca Raton HOA Boards To Vote On Filling Lakes With Reclaimed Water

BOCA RATON, FL - Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Several West Boca Raton HOAs have been approached by the South County Reclaimed Water Partnership with a proposal for communities to buy reclaimed water from Broward County to irrigate lawns in the communities.