DO OVER: New Election Required To Determine PBC School Board Chair And Vice Chair

The Palm Beach County School District announces that the board failed to properly vote for the board's chair and vice chair which now requires a redo.

It’s Official: PBC School Bus Drivers Are Now Highest Paid In The State

The School District of Palm Beach County voted and approved the pay increase for bus drivers Boca Post reported on last week. 

LAWSUIT: Palm Beach County Man Sues School District After Being Hit By Bus

A Palm Beach County man is suing the School District of Palm Beach County for damages after being involved in a vehicle accident with a school bus in 2019.

POLICE: Olympic Heights High School Para Educator Charged With Molesting Disabled Boy

Alvaro Rodrguez, a para-educator at Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton has been arrested after being accused of molesting a disabled boy under his care.

Hundreds Of Boca Raton Children Displaced By New Elementary School

BOCA RATON, FL - Boca Post ( — Boca Raton's new elementary school, Blue Lake Elementary, is nearing completion and many students will be shuffled around for its opening in August.

FACT: The School District Can Restrain Disabled Children

The School District of Palm Beach County is not weighing a decision to place children into straight jackets or other restraints as that decision has been made more than 10 years ago.

Boynton Beach High School Coach Arrested For Sex Offense With Student

A Boynton Beach High School Cheerleading Coach is in jail today after being charged with several sexual offenses following her conversations with a 14-year-old cheerleader.

WATCH LIVE: Blue Lake Elementary School Zoning Meeting

Anyone interested in sharing public comment on the zoning concerns around Boca Raton's new Blue Lake Elementary School should sign up soon before PBCSD closes the registration.