Confrontation Between Parents Leads To Arrests At Emerald Cove Middle School Basketball Game

Two men who were involved in a confrontation with a mother of the rival team were later arrested on multiple charges just as the game was ending.

DO OVER: New Election Required To Determine PBC School Board Chair And Vice Chair

The Palm Beach County School District announces that the board failed to properly vote for the board's chair and vice chair which now requires a redo.

It’s Official: PBC School Bus Drivers Are Now Highest Paid In The State

The School District of Palm Beach County voted and approved the pay increase for bus drivers Boca Post reported on last week. 

BACK TO SCHOOL In Palm Beach County Following Hurricane Ian

The School District of Palm Beach County tells Boca Post that they will resume normal operations tomorrow.

FALSE ALARM: Wellington High School Shooting Scare

Some parents of Wellington High School students received a scare Monday afternoon when reports swirled of a code red lockdown following a school shooting.

Palm Beach Lakes High School “Paraprofessional” Accused Of Inappropriate Contact With Student, Arrested

Simon Estrada, a paraprofessional at Palm Beach Lakes High School, has been arrested on several felonies involving sex crimes against minor children.

UPDATE: Suspects In Custody After Wellington School Bus Crash, 2 Still On Loose

PBSO tells Boca Post that a BMW crashed into the back of a Palm Beach County School bus in Wellington this afternoon.

LAWSUIT: Palm Beach County Man Sues School District After Being Hit By Bus

A Palm Beach County man is suing the School District of Palm Beach County for damages after being involved in a vehicle accident with a school bus in 2019.