Palm Beach School District

It’s Official: PBC School Bus Drivers Are Now Highest Paid In The State

The School District of Palm Beach County voted and approved the pay increase for bus drivers Boca Post reported on last week. 

DAY ONE: Palm Beach County School Bus Rear-Ended In Lake Worth Beach

A Palm Beach County School bus was rear-ended by a teenage driver in Lake Worth Beach on the first day of school.

LAWSUIT: Palm Beach County Man Sues School District After Being Hit By Bus

A Palm Beach County man is suing the School District of Palm Beach County for damages after being involved in a vehicle accident with a school bus in 2019.

WATCH LIVE: Blue Lake Elementary School Zoning Meeting

Anyone interested in sharing public comment on the zoning concerns around Boca Raton's new Blue Lake Elementary School should sign up soon before PBCSD closes the registration. 

New Elementary School In Boca Raton Has Been Named

Boca Raton's newest elementary school, which was previously only known as 05-C, has been named Blue Lake Elementary School.

Palm Beach Schools Returns To Masks Optional

The School District Of Palm Beach County announcing today that the district will return only be recommending facial coverings and no longer requiring teachers, staff, and vendors to wear masks.

School District of PBC Wants To Limit Parents Comments, State Responds With New Bill Proposal

School District of PBC Wants To Limit Parents Comments, State Responds With New Bill Proposal. Citing 'safety concerns', SDPBC is trying to limit (remove) parents ability to openly voice opinions.

Proposed Elementary School Shuffle With New School

BOCA RATON, FL - Boca Post ( — Palm Beach County School District is proposing boundary revisions for a new elementary school in Boca Raton to alleviate overcrowding in at least 5 nearby elementary schools.