Delray Beach Police Department Arrests

Delray Beach Man Arrested After Attacking Delray Beach Cop In Honey VIP

Michael Dominguez of Delray Beach was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer for pushing a Delray Beach Police Officer to the ground after being asked to leave the VIP area of Honey.

Boca Raton Man Arrested For Fraudulent Use Of Credit Cards

A Boca Raton man has been arrested for several felonies for fraudulent crimes, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

ARRESTED: Delray Beach Woman DUI, Wrong Way On Atlantic Ave

Tricia Naughton, 50, of the Villas d'Este in Delray Beach, has been arrested early Tuesday morning by the Delray Beach Police Department.

East Delray Beach Woman Arrested For Burglary

An East Delray Beach woman is waking up in a Palm Beach County Jail this morning following her arrest for burglary and theft charges, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

ARRESTED: Delray Beach Police Officer Under Arrest For Grand Theft

DELRAY BEACH, FL - Boca Post ( — FDLE announced today that Officer Jacaria Stringer of Delray Beach Police Department is under arrest for grand theft and official misconduct following an investigation.

Florida Atlantic University Student Charged With Stalking

A FAU student stayed the night in PBSO jail instead of his on-campus apartment this week after being arrested for stalking his ex-girlfriend and placing a tracking device on her vehicle.

Couple Arrested For Refusing To Leave Tin Roof At Downtown Delray Beach

A couple from Weston spend the first few hours of Valentine's Day together in PBSO jail after being arrested by Delray Beach Police Department for a drunken encounter at Tin Roof.

Standoff Ends – Man Arrested In Miami After Delray Beach Bank Robbery

Police arrest man in Miami for bank robbery that occurred in Delray Beach today.