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Arrest Made In High-Speed Boynton Beach Crash That Killed A Local Father

Boynton Beach Police have arrested the man who they say is responsible for the deadly accident in Boyton Beach that we reported last month.

Elderly Boynton Beach Woman Sues Home Depot, Claims Sexual Harassment

An elderly woman ordered windows and doors from Home Depot for her townhome in the Platina community of Boynton Beach but she was disappointed with the final product and also that she was sexually assaulted and harassed.

SUSPECT ARRESTED: 29-Year-Old Woman Killed In Boynton Beach Crash, Driver Walked Away

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office tells Boca Post that Gary D. Griser Jr. has been charged with vehicular homicide for leaving the scene of an accident where Jennifer Fortin passed away in his vehicle.

UPDATE: Chief Joseph DeGiulio Is Sworn In As Police Chief Of Boynton Beach

As Interim Police Chief Vanessa Snow announces her resignation, Boynton Beach announces Joe DeGiulo to be the departmen's new Interim Police Chief.

LAWSUIT: St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church Kicks School Out Over Facemask Policy

BOYNTON BEACH, FL - Boca Post ( — A Boynton Beach private school claims that the academic futures of 175 students are in jeopardy now that the church is refusing to renew the school's lease; school claims the fallout stems from the church disagreeing with its facemask policy.

BREAKING: Deadly Crash In Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach Police Department is advising a major accident has closed the intersection of Boynton Beach Boulevard and Winchester Park Boulevard.

FOUND HER: 12-Year-Old Alexa Espinosa of Boynton Beach

BOYNTON BEACH, FL - Boca Post ( — Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has told Boca Post that 12-year-old Alexa Espinosa has been found and is now safe. 

Boynton Beach Police Arrest 14 For Selling Drugs Following Citizen Complaints – Operation Exit 57

BOYNTON BEACH, FL - Boca Post ( — Boynton Beach Police Department has arrested 14 drug dealers and charged them with drug sales-related charges as part of a 5-month investigation called "Operation Exit 57".