boca town center mall

Police Investigating Armed Robbery At Boca Town Center Mall

The Boca Raton Police Department tell Boca Post that they are investigating an armed robbery that happened in the parking lot of the Boca Town Center Mall on Sunday night.

Boca Raton Teenager Arrested For Shoplifting $2,400 Figurine

Gustavo De Lucca of Boca Raton has been arrested and charged with grand theft after shoplifting a $2,400 figurine from Neiman Marcus.

Miami Man Shoplifts $5,000 From Saks Fifth Avenue Town Center At Boca Raton, Arrested

A Miami man was caught shoplifting merchandise valued at almost $5,000 at Saks Fifth Avenue located in the Town Center At Boca Raton on Friday, July 29th, 2022.

Out Of State Criminal Caught Stealing Luxury Handbags From Neiman Marcus Boca Town Center At Boca Raton

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested for grand theft, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

3 Arrested For Shoplifting At Boca Town Center After Being Recognized By A Camera

Three teenagers were arrested for shoplifting at Boca Town Center Mall after the camera system recognized one of the teens from a previous shoplifting incident. 

BUSTED: Two Shoplifters Steal $840 In 120 Seconds From Macy’s Boca Town Center

A couple walked into Macy's in Boca Town Center Mall and stole more than $800 dollars worth of fragrances in only 120 seconds before they were caught by Macy's Loss Prevention personnel and later arrested by Boca Raton Police Department.

Coral Springs Mom Arrested For Shoplifting Thousands Of Dollars With Baby In Stroller

A Coral Springs woman is in jail after being charged with grand theft after getting caught shoplifting over $5,000 dollars worth of merchandise from Sak's Fifth Ave in Boca Town Center Mall.