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Two Disturbances Threaten Boca Raton On The First Day Of Hurricane Season

With the likelihood of the remnants of Hurricane Agatha developing into Hurricane Alex all but gone, experts expect the storm to become a real rainmaker this weekend as another disturbance has been identified in the Atlantic.

ALERT: Hazardous Weather In Boca Raton And Beyond

BOCA RATON, FL - Boca Post ( — Memorial Day weekend is off to a soggy start with heavy rains and thunderstorms from slow-moving storms are expected today.

TONIGHT: What You Need To See The Blood Moon

The blood moon should be visible overnight as the cloudy and rainy weather should move out before the peak of the big show.

Beach Tug And Barge Moved From Boca Area Beach, Beaches Re-Open

The United States Coast Guard reports to Boca Post that the beached tug boat and barge have been safely pulled back to sea and all beach side recovery operations have since ceased.

COLD: South Florida Winter Weekend

Temperatures dropped fast last night. After the heavy winds today we can expect even cooler temperatures tonight and tomorrow night. Temperatures are expected in to be 30-40 degrees across South Florida.

Hazardous Weather – Strong To Severe Storms Today

Today may not be a good day for boating as NOAA is telling us to expect strong to severe storms today.