Auto Accident Delray Beach

82-Year-Old Woman Killed In Delray Beach Crash

An 82-year-old woman was killed in a car accident in Delray Beach on Friday.

Woman Killed While Walking In Front Of Her Boca Raton Polo Club Home

An 80-year-old woman was struck by a Cadillac while crossing Military Trail near the entrance of the Polo Club community in Boca Raton where she lived.

Son Forces Mother’s Vehicle To Crash Into Canal When She Refused To Buy Him Liquor

A 75-year-old mother was driving her adult son somewhere and wound up in a canal after she refused to buy him liquor.

1 Dead, 1 Injured In Crash Near Boca Delray Country Club

BOCA RATON, FL - Boca Post ( — A critical accident shut down traffic for hours near Military Trail and Boca Delray Boulevard at the entrance of Boca Delray Country Club on Saturday afternoon.

Wellington Teenager That Killed 6 In High-Speed Delray Beach Crash To Start In-House Arrest

Noah Galle, the 17-year-old kid from Wellington who crashed his 2019 BMW M5 into a Nissan Rogue on US-441, killing 6, has been arrested after the 6-week investigation.

LAWSUIT: Crash Victims Family Files Lawsuit After Accident Kills 6 In Delray Beach

A civil lawsuit has been filed recently following the tragic accident that left 6 dead after 16-year-old Noah Galle of Wellington crashed his 2019 BMW M3 into the back of a vehicle causing a crash in January.

FATAL CRASH: Woman And Baby Hit By Truck While Crossing Atlantic Ave

A Delray Beach woman was killed Friday night when she was hit by a truck while crossing Atlantic Avenue with her 1 year old baby.

UPDATE: 2nd Victim Died In Deadly Delray Beach Accident

A elderly couple from Long Island have both died after a deadly crash with Semi truck in western Delray Beach near Pero Family Farms on US-441.