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Woman Dies After SUV Struck By Brightline Train

by | Feb 3, 2024 | Pompano Beach Car Accident | 0 comments

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Melissa Ordonez, 42, Passed Away

POMPANO BEACH, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2024) — 42-year-old Melissa Ordonez died after her SUV was struck by a Brightline train in Pompano Beach.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a tragic accident involving a Brightline train and a driver in Pompano Beach. The incident occurred on Tuesday, January 30th.

Around 9;35 p.m., emergency services received a call reporting a collision between a Brightline train and a vehicle near the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and Dixie Highway in Pompano Beach.

BSO and Pompano Beach Fire Rescue promptly responded to the scene. They discovered that the driver of the vehicle involved was Melissa Ordonez. The BSO’s Traffic Homicide Unit detectives were immediately informed and arrived to conduct an investigation.

Based on preliminary findings, it appears that Ordonez was driving a Lexus NX 250 SUV from 2024, heading westbound on West Atlantic Boulevard in the far left lane towards the Dixie Highway intersection. When the traffic light turned red, Ordonez stopped her SUV beyond the stop bar while still on the railroad tracks.

According to investigators, as the train approached the crossing, all safety measures such as lights, bells and gates were activated. However, for reasons unknown at this time, Ordonez didn’t move her vehicle from the tracks. Upon noticing this situation, the train engineer applied emergency brakes as they approached the crossing.

Detectives have determined that there was a “T bone” type collision between the front of the train and Ordonez’s Lexus. This impact caused her vehicle to be pushed sideways through the crossing.
The train kept pushing the vehicle along the tracks until it finally came to a stop north of the crossing. Paramedics declared Ordonez dead at the scene. The investigation is still ongoing.

Investigators want to remind pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to always be cautious when crossing railroad tracks. It’s important to stop, look and listen before proceeding. Never try to go around the lowered safety arms or stop directly on the tracks. It’s crucial not to underestimate the speed of an approaching train as it might be faster and closer than you perceive. Even if the train engineer spots you, they won’t have enough time to stop in time.


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