UPDATE: All 3 Drivers Survived Accident In East Boca Raton

Two drivers were sent to Boca Raton Regional Hospital and one driver was sent to Delray Medical Center as a trauma alert.

At approximately 11:20 AM on Saturday, August 27th, 2022, 2 drivers were driving southbound on N. Dixie Highway in Boca Raton when suddenly one of the drivers, who was passing the other driver, suffered a medical episode and passed out. The driver reported that he didn’t recall anything after that.

Boca Raton Police provide the following explanation of the accident:

V-1 was attempting to pass V-2 when D-1 had a medical issue that caused him to black out. The left front of area of V-1 collided into the right rear area of V-2. The impact caused V-2 to travel in a southeast direction, and into the pathway of V-3. The left front area of V 2 collided into the left front area of V-3. That impact caused V-2 and V-3 to rotate. V-2 came to final rest facing in a westerly direction in the center area of North Dixie Highway. V-3 came to final rest facing in a north-westerly direction blocking the northbound lanes of North Dixie Highway.

It appears during the impact with V-2, V-1`s left front tire partly drove upward into V-2`s right rear side, and then veered to the right. As it traveled in a southerly direction, on two tires, it started a counterclockwise rotation and the left front tire area collided into the pavement and detached itself. V-1`s right side fell onto, and traveled in a southeast direction along the pavement. During this time, some contact area of V-1`s right side with the pavement caused V-1 to upright itself. Once upright, V-1 rolled in a southeast direction, then changed to an easterly direction. V-1`s front area then collided into, and over the sidewalk on the eastside of the roadway. V-1 came to final rest facing eastbound with its front and side areas over the sidewalk

All injuries have been confirmed to be non-life-threatening.

Originally reported by Boca Post

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Boca Raton Police have blocked all lanes of traffic on Dixie Highway while they investigate a crash that happened just north of Palmetto Park Road.

The head-on collision reportedly happened around 11:30 AM on Saturday, August 27th, 2022. Sources close to the investigation tell Boca Post that two drivers have been transported to Delray Medical Center in critical condition.