Flanagan High School Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Student

28 Year Old High School Teacher In Pembroke Pines Admits To Having Sexual Relationship With 17 Year Old Student.

Flanagan High School Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Student - Philip Velez

Philip Velez, Courtesy Of Broward Sheriff’S Office

Pembroke Pines, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A 28 year old Flanagan High School teacher in Pembroke Pines has been arrested for having sex with a 17 year old student.

Philip Velez, 28, of Van Buren St. in Hollywood, FL, is facing several charges this week after being arrested for having a ‘sexual relationship’ with a student at Flanagan High School where he is a teacher and basketball coach. According to Velez’s public LinkedIn profile, he has been the school’s assistant basketball coach since June of 2021 and has been a ‘Culinary Instructor’ at the Broward County Public School system since July of 2019.

According to charging documents, the 17 year old student’s father became suspicious of her behavior and was led right to Velez’s apartment when he used her cell phone’s location tracking functionality to find her after 9PM on Saturday, January 8th, 2022. The father called Pembroke Pines police who responded to the scene.

The 17 year old victim later admitted to police that she showed up at Velez’s apartment at approximately 9:15PM and they were actively having sexual intercourse when the Police showed up and knocked on the door.

According to the police report, Velez voluntarily went to the police headquarters where he gave a statement to investigators. Velez admitted that he had sexual relations with the 17 year old student. The student and Velez said they had sexual intercourse 4-5 times and also had performed oral sex on each other multiple times.

The two admitted to investigators that they considered themselves to be boyfriend and girlfriend. The relationship started when Velez and the student met at a school sponsored fundraiser in November of 2021. The two started to talk and text each other. The relationship became physical when Velez invited the student to his apartment where they had sex for the first time in December of 2021.

Velez was arrested after the interview and booked in the Broward jail at about 1am on January 9th, 2022. Velez was released from jail on a $85,000 bond with conditions that he has no contact with the victim, does not return, and he had to surrender his passport.

Velez is facing the following charges:

  • 3 counts of Sexual Assault – By 18 YOA Older Sex Battery Victim 12-18 YOA – FSS 794.011-4A
    • NOTE: According to probable cause affidavit:
      • 1 count for digital, 1 count for vaginal, 1 count for oral
  • 1 count of Authority Figure Solicit / Engage In Sexual Conduct With Student – FSS 800.101-3(1)