INSECURITY: Security Staff At Popular WPB Night Club Arrested After Violent Attack

Victim Badly Beaten Behind Clematis Social, Security Staff Arreste

Insecurity - Security Staff At Popular Wpb Night Club Arrested After Violent Attack

Insecurity – Security Staff At Popular Wpb Night Club Arrested After Violent Attac. From Left To Right: Peter Tutuianu, Delivra Achelus, Gary Campbell

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Boca Post ( — Three men who were working as security personnel at Clematis Social, a popular nightclub in downtown West Palm Beach, were arrested for felony battery after they beat a man in an alley behind the club.

The attack occurred on January 23rd, 2023 at approximately 1:50 AM. According to the West Palm Beach Police Department, CCTV surveillance shows the three men violently attacking another man who they left in an alley after the beating. The victim reportedly has a fractured nose that requires plastic surgery as a result of the beating.

While it is unclear what started the fight, Police say that the victim walks along the alley, towards the back of the club, when the first suspect, Peter Tutuianu (left), of Boca Raton, is observed exiting the rear of the club and removing his shirt. A confrontation between Tutuianu and the victim ensues when Delivra Achelus (middle) exits the club and attempts to hold Tutuianu back and de-escalate the situation. Gary Campbell (right), a third member of Clematis Social’s security staff, then exited the backdoor of the club where the confrontation was escalating.

Tutuianu and the victim then begin to throw punches at each other. The victim quickly falls back into a dumpster when Achelus is observed throwing punches at him. Both Tutuianu and Achelus continue to punch the victim until he falls to the floor. Tutuianu walks away, but Achelus continues to punch the victim while he is on the ground and then stomps his face in. Campbell then approaches the victim and kicks him in the face as well.

All three members of “security” then walk back into the club via the back door, leaving the victim bleeding in the alley behind the club. Police later found the man when responding to an assault call. The victim was transported to a local hospital for his injuries.

Police say that they spoke to the General Manager of Clematis Social who they say was upset to see that his staff exited the back door and jumped the victim in the alley. All 3 men were identified and later arrested by West Palm Beach Police Department.

Police learned that both Tutuianu and Achelus were previously involved in similar incidents outside of the club; however, the victims in the previous incidents did not move forward with criminal charges.