BREAKING: Gas Leak Near Wellington Green Mall

Gas Leak Near Wellington Green Mall

Gas Leak Near Wellington Green Mall

WELLINGTON, FL – Boca Post ( — At approximately 6 AM this morning a large response could be seen around the Wellington Green Mall following reports of a gas leak in Club Pilates which is on the outskirts of the mall in Wellington Green Square.

Out of an abundance of caution, Firefighters turned of the gas to spite not finding any signs of a gas leak. PBCFR has since scaled the response back, sending units back to stations, once they failed to find any signs of a gas leak.

At approximately 6:30, PBCFR firefighters say that they could not locate any gas leak. Florida Public Utilities was contacted and is responding to the scene to confirm.

Some PBCFR units remain on the scene while awaiting the arrival of FPU.

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