Old Scam With A New Twist

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — PBSO warns about an old scam making its rounds again but with a new twist.

Many people have taken to social media and many more have called local Police and Sheriff’s Departments to inquire about strange phone calls they received.

In this case, there is a new scam going around where someone pretends to be a civil deputy from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. They call community members and falsely claim that the person missed federal jury duty, resulting in a warrant being issued for their arrest. The imposter then gives two options; either turn themselves into Gun Club Jail or pay $500 in gift cards. If you receive such a call, be aware that it is a scam! Hang up immediately report it to PBSO by calling the non-emergency number 561-688-3400, PBSO says.

Scammers are becoming more innovative, so don’t let yourself become a victim!

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has noticed people falling prey to various scams, including;

  • Receiving pop up or fraudulent emails that appear to be sent by one of their customers.
  • Receiving calls demanding payment without verifying the authenticity of the company.
  • Receiving calls claiming that there is an arrest warrant for them or their family and bail must be paid using cryptocurrency, bitcoins, QR codes, gift cards, etc.

Remember, employees of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office will never call you demanding money in any form!

If you ever receive a call of this nature or any other fraudulent activity, it is advisable to immediately end the call and contact PBSO via the non-emergency number at 561-688-3400.