PBSO Identifies Victim, Suspect Of Lantana Publix Stabbing

Stabbing Determined To Be Self Defense.

One Man Stabbed, One Arrested At Lantana Publix

Publix, Located At Lantana &Amp; Jog Road In The Lantana Plaza Located In Lantana, Image Credit: Google

UPDATE – 6/8/22

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office tells Boca Post that Jeff Denoe has been arrested for the stabbing incident.

One Man Stabbed, One Arrested At Lantana Publix - Jeff Denoe

Jeff Denoe, Image Credit: Pbso

Denoe has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of battery. According to the arrest report, Denoe and a friend got into a fight in the Publix parking lot which escalated to them stabbing each other.

Detectives reviewed the surveillance video and provided Boca Post with the following summary of it:

“At approximately 1832 hours, Pierre-Paul, who was wearing a light, multicolored-colored shirt and blue shorts, walked into the parking lot behind the Publix from the corridor on the north side of the building. Pierre-Paul remained in the parking lot for several minutes before he walked east toward Denoe, who approached him from the east wearing dark pants and no shirt, at approximately 1845 hours. The two met in the parking lot as Denoe took an aggressive stance toward Pierre-Paul. Denoe then attempted to punch Pierre-Paul in the face with his left fist but missed. Denoe continued to Punch and kick Pierre-Paul multiple times before he began to defend himself and a physical altercation ensued.

Pierre-Paul attempted to disengage several more times before he finally brandished a knife in his right hand and swung it at Denoe several times, who fell to the ground once struck. Pierre-Paul immediately disengaged once Denoe was on the ground and left the parking lot through the corridor to get away from him. Denoe then stood up and followed Pierre-Paul into the corridor.

Pierre-Paul is then observed entering the Publix while on the phone and walking toward the bathroom in the store. Denoe entered Publix several seconds later bleeding from his neck. Bystanders attempted to make contact with Denoe and began calling 911. Denoe walked toward the bathroom before walking back toward the entrance acting aggressively toward bystanders and kicking the wall nearby. Deputies arrived in the store and made contact with Denoe before providing first aid. As deputies were administering First Aid, Denoe stood up and began resisting deputies., who then detained him in handcuffs. Fire Rescue arrived shortly after to transport Denoe to Delray Medical Center.”

Witnesses tell Boca Post that homeless people are a frequent concern in that plaza.

Originally reported by Boca Post

LANTANA, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — One man is in the hospital after being stabbed by another man who was arrested in Publix at the Lantana Plaza.

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office tells Boca Post that deputies responded to a stabbing that occurred in the rear of Publix located at Lantana Road and Jog Road, unincorporated Lantana at around 7 PM on Monday, June 6th, 2022.

Upon arrival, deputies learned that an altercation occurred outside in the rear of Publix between two males resulting in one male being stabbed. Both individuals ran into Publix after the incident.  The injured male was transported to a local hospital for treatment and the uninjured male has been detained on the scene.

PBSO quickly told Boca Post that there was no threat to the community at the time that deputies arrived.

Detectives from the Violent Crimes Division were dispatched to the scene to investigate further.  The motive for the stabbing has not been shared at this time.

The condition of the stabbing victim is unknown at this time.