The driver of the Ford Transit Van that struck a pedestrian and left the scene has has been identified as 22-year-old Isreal David Vicente Guzman. Guzman has since been arrested for driving without a license and leaving the scene of a crash involving serious bodily injuries. He was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail without incident on 10/31/2023.

The pedestrian is still in critical condition at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Originally reported by Boca Post

LAKE WORTH, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — A man is in critical condition after being stuck by a vehicle on Military Trail in Lake Worth early on Sunday morning.

Deputies say that a vehicle was heading south on S Military Trail, just north of 10th Avenue N in Lake Worth (in the 3000 block S Military). At the same time, there was a pedestrian who was not properly within the southbound lanes of Military Trail and ended up in the path of the vehicle. The collision occurred when the left front/side of the vehicle hit the pedestrian. As a result of this crash, the pedestrian was thrown off from the vehicle and landed on the pavement. The pedestrian came to a stop on the road within the inside lane heading south as an unidentified driver fled from the scene of this collision. The injured pedestrian was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center for medical care and is currently in critical condition. Unfortunately, no information about their identity is available at this time.

Investigators have mentioned that they suspect that it could be a white Ford Transit van manufactured between 2015 and 2019. This particular van will likely have damage to its driver’s side along with its driver’s side view mirror being affected. If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please reach out to Investigator Robert Stephan or contact Crime Stoppers at 561 688 3000.

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