Podiatrist Charged With Sexual Assault, PBSO Seeks New Victims

Dr. Saul Lipsman, Lake Worth Podiatrist, Charged With Sexual Assault

Dr. Saul Lipsman, Lake Worth Podiatrist, Charged With Sexual Assault

Dr. Saul Lipsman, Lake Worth Podiatrist, Charged With Sexual Assault

LAKE WORTH, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Lake Worth Podiatrist has been charged with sexual assault after investigators say he has been touching more than just his patient’s feet.

In March, a patient of Dr. Lipsman told investigators that the man she once considered “a God” inappropriately touched her. The victim says that in March of 2022, she visited Dr. Lipsman for foot pain as he was previously described as “not just a podiatrist but a foot and ankle surgeon and he is also an MD”. The victim visited Dr. Lipsman and she says that he was able to take the pain away.

The victim then says that Dr. Lipsman followed up with her the next day to check on her. Dr. Lipsman allegedly advised he had cream for her and asked that she come back into the office on that Saturday. The victim went. She said the building was locked and they were the only people inside. According to Dr. Lipsman, he was there alone because he had
an emergency earlier and was doing paperwork. She indicated he asked her father to wait for her in the waiting room and told her to go inside a room so he can show her how
to use the cream.

The victim says that Dr. Lipsman then removed her shirt and bra. She says he then removed her sweatpants and massaged the cream onto her lower back. The victim said she didn’t think anything of it because it “felt good at the time”. Dr. Lipsman allegedly explained that this was all necessary as all of the body parts are connected. The victim reports that Dr. Lipsman allegedly penetrated her vagina with his fingers as he casually talked to her about the human body. Dr. Lipsman allegedly then tried to kiss her breasts and lips when the victim got up off of the table and ran out to her father who was in the waiting room only several feet away.

According to an arrest affidavit submitted by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, it was learned that on February 12th, 2014, another victim reported to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that while she was a patient of Dr. Saul Lipsman, he touched her inappropriately. That original victim stated in the original report that “she wanted him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”. It is unknown at this time why Dr. Lipsman was not charged in 2012 when that victim bravely came forward.

Lipsman was charged and arrested for one count of Sexual Assault. Lipsman was booked into the PBSO jail on Friday, October 21st, 2022, and released the following day on $10,000 bond. A judge ordered that he surrender his passport, to which he complied.