DELRAY BEACH, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — A Delray Beach woman remains in critical condition after being shot while just sitting on her balcony.

According to the Delray Beach Police Department, detectives are investigating to determine who is responsible for shooting a bullet that critically injured a 77-year-old woman sitting on her second-floor apartment balcony Tuesday afternoon in the Village Square apartment complex.

Detectives believe the woman was not the intended target of the shooter, but an innocent bystander struck by an unknown assailant who fired shots from a vehicle in a nearby parking lot. Delray Beach Fire Rescue responded to the scene and transported her to a local hospital as a trauma alert. She remains in critical but stable condition.

After the 1 p.m. shooting, detectives interviewed witnesses, collected physical evidence, used a K-9 to search the area, and conducted a residential search warrant on an apartment directly below the victim’s apartment unit. They are investigating whether a shooting Monday in a neighboring apartment complex is related. Monday’s shooting left a 16-year-old boy paralyzed from the chest down.

Detectives are asking for anyone who may know something about either shooting to contact Det. Kyle Kinney at (561) 243-7828.

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