DELRAY BEACH, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — Delray Beach Police Department will conduct a high visibility traffic enforcement operation from September 20th through May of next year.

Delray Beach Police Department tells us to expect to see extra officers performing speed enforcement at areas known for traffic accidents.

The Traffic Unit of the Delray Beach Police Department is actively involved in the High Visibility Enforcement Program, which aims to enhance safety, for pedestrians and cyclists. Palm Beach County ranks among the 25 counties in Florida for traffic accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities among pedestrians and cyclists. To combat this concerning trend our police department is participating in the Florida Department of Transportations High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) Program. The primary objective is to educate motorists cyclists and pedestrians about Florida’s traffic laws in order to improve safety on our city roads.

Starting from September 20th, 2023 until May of 2024 the Delray Beach Police Traffic Unit will have additional officers patrolling areas with an occurrence of pedestrian and cyclist accidents. The focus of the operation will be on raising awareness regarding behaviors that contribute to injuries and fatalities at these locations. DBPD officers will be vigilant for drivers who’re speeding failing to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks making turns or violating traffic signals as well as using handheld devices while driving. DBPD says they will also pay attention to pedestrians who unlawfully cross the street or fail to give right of way to motorists who have it. Bicyclists will be stopped if they are riding against traffic riding without lights during nighttime or not following the rules, as motor vehicles. When appropriate warnings and citations will be issued by our officers.

Here are a few important reminders, from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the Delray Beach Police Department (DBPD);

For drivers; Please make sure to follow speed limits never drive under the influence and always remain attentive for pedestrians and bicyclists.

For bicyclists; It’s crucial to obey traffic laws ride in the direction, as traffic flow and use lights when cycling at night.

For pedestrians; Remember to cross at designated crosswalks or intersections to pedestrian signals and ensure your visibility to drivers when walking during nighttime.

The Delray Beach Police Department emphasizes that whether you are walking on foot driving a vehicle or riding a bicycle it is your responsibility to safely share the road. Please exercise caution show courtesy and be patient so that everyone using our roads can return home safely.

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