NO, There Was NO SHOOTING In East Delray Beach Last Night

East Delray Beach Shooting Call Was A False Alarm. Boca Post Doesn’t Do Rumors.

No, There Was No Shooting In East Delray Beach Last Night

No, There Was No Shooting In East Delray Beach Last Night

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Boca Post ( — Contrary to the typical overdramatic headlines from a local rumor mill blogger, there was no shooting last night at the Ross in east Delray Beach.

As first reported by Boca Post on CODE3, where you can see Delray Beach 911 calls as they come into local dispatch centers in Palm Beach County, a “SHOOTING” call did appear at 8:53 PM on Monday. The call was addressed to 1620 S. Federal Highway in Delray Beach, which is the address for Ross.

We followed the incident and quickly realized that as first responders were staging to assist a suspected shooting victim, the call was canceled as the shooting was unfounded.

Shortly after the call was initiated, law enforcement advised dispatch that there was not an actual shooting. There was an intoxicated individual with what was described as a ‘red circle’ on his shirt and most likely a concerned citizen who called it in as a shooting.

Boca Post did not report on this false alarm because we don’t over-dramatize things for the sake of clicks. Boca Post is humbled and reminded why it is that we started this hyperlocal news site. We publish news. We don’t do rumors, we don’t do fluff, and we will never unnecessarily scare or worry people for the sake of clicks.

Hearing Sirens? Find Out Why, NOW

As always, you can see local dispatch calls like this LIVE on CODE3, Boca Post’s Live Dispatch Map, which maps current 911 dispatches live as they occur so you can know why you are hearing sirens in the area as they happen.

Additionally, Boca Post provides basic call information alongside a map of the last 25 calls on a page for most of the geographic areas that we cover. The most recent 25 Delray Beach 911 calls can be quickly seen on the Delray Beach news page alongside the latest Delray Beach news provided by Boca Post.