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PBSO Arrests Kings Point Murder Suspect

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DELRAY BEACH, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — PBSO is investigating the homicide of an unidentified Hispanic female found dead near the 5500 block of Delray Beach.

PBSO Deputies responded to the scene of a deceased female found floating in a canal, in the 5500 block of West Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach. Detectives from the Violent Crimes Division arrived on the scene to investigate further.  The female was taken to the ME’s office where an autopsy was performed, today, to determine the cause of death.  The cause of death is homicide.

PBSO says the woman was white and possibly Hispanic. The woman was said to be between 25 and 40, was about 5’7″, and weighed approximately 140 lbs.

The unidentified woman had pink toenails and yellow fingernails. She was wearing a leopard print shirt and long black pants.

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