DELRAY BEACH, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — The City of Delray Beach breaks ground on a new fire station.

“This is the station that the residents in that area deserve,” DBFR Fire Chief Keith Tomey said. “It will be functional, efficient, safe and accessible.”

City officials in Delray Beach held a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday morning to mark the start of construction for the city’s latest fire station. This modern station will be more than twice the size of the previous Station 113, which was demolished on the same site in April 2023. The completion of the new station is expected in early 2025.

The former one story building, known as Station 113, had around 6,430 square feet of living space and three truck bays, with only one featuring a drive through design. Engine trucks had to reverse into the station from busy Linton Boulevard, which posed logistical challenges. Additionally, there were concerns about the structural integrity of the old building.

In contrast, the new two story fire station will span approximately 15,857 square feet and feature three drive through bays. It has been specifically designed to withstand hurricane winds up to a category five level. Moreover, it includes sleeping quarters for thirteen individuals. The estimated cost for constructing this state of the art facility is approximately $11.5 million.