COVID-19 Continues To Surge In Palm Beach County

20,194 New Cases Reported In Florida Yesterday. 2,384 New Cases Per Day In Palm Beach County. 0 Florida Deaths.

Boca Raton, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) (Copyright © 2021) — Florida and Palm Beach County COVID-19 case counts continue to rise. Palm Beach County Schools is no different, case counts are surging. New COVID-19 fatalities still remain at 0.

With the significant increase in testing, COVID-19 case counts are going up everywhere. Palm Beach County is still posting 2,384 new cases a day per 7 day period as of the last update by the CDC on 12/22. Florida has reported 20,194 new cases just yesterday 12/22/21. Florida reporting 0 new deaths.

In the schools

Palm Beach Count School District is reporting a significant spike in cases since Monday. These are the highest numbers we have seen since September 2021 during the summer spike. Just yesterday, the PBCSD has posted 203 new cases which includes 33 employees and 170 students.

Covid-19 Continues To Surge In Palm Beach County - Palm Beach County School District

Screenshot Of Report Generated From Bi Data From Pbcsd.

The following Boca Raton area public schools have reported the most COVID-19 cases since August 2021 and are among the top 20 reporting in Palm Beach County:

  • Boca Raton High School – 15 employees, 133 students
  • Verde K-8 School – 8 employees, 96 students
  • West Boca High School – 15 employees, 96 students
  • Spanish River High School – 6 employees, 95 students
  • Calusa Elementary School – 10 employees, 80 students
  • Eagles Landing Middle School – 7 employees, 77 students

No deaths

With all of the increased case counts, one thing remains, new reported deaths is 0. These statistics support the concept that this virus is running its course and is mutating to a more contagious but less lethal variant, as all viruses do. If there is any silver lining to the hysteria, dare we say, that is it.