UPDATE: Man Who Jumped Into Boynton Beach Inlet, Located Safe

Man Jumped Into Boynton Beach Inlet Has Been Located
Update: Man Who Jumped Into Boynton Beach Inlet, Located Safe


The jumper is safe and has made contact with a lifeguard on the north side of the inlet. The lifeguard team has confirmed that they made contact with the jumper who said he was afraid of “legal issues”.

The jumper told the lifeguard he is fine and did not want any medical attention.

The large search and rescue operation was then shut down by commanders.

The Sheriff’s Office is taking a picture of the jumper to confirm with the witness it is the same person they saw jump off of the bridge.

First reported by Boca Post

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A man has jumped into the water at the Boynton Inlet and has not been seen since.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is on scene and a massive search and rescue effort is underway. Boynton Beach and Manalapan Fire Rescue are on scene and are also reported to be en route.

Boca Post is told that the PBSO helicopter is en route. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue has the dive team in route as well.

According to sources close to the situation, the man was observed jumping into the inlet and has not yet resurfaced.

Water rescue is on scene. Several witnesses have been interviewed. There are mixed reports that the man may have made it to beer can island but that is not yet confirmed.

Authorities are searching Beer Can island and interviewing witnesses trying to locate the missing man.

As always, you can find live images of the Boynton Beach Inlet on Boca Post.

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Update: Man Who Jumped Into Boynton Beach Inlet, Located Safe - Boca Post



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