UPDATE: Good Samaritans Identified And Rewarded After Heroic Boynton Beach Traffic Rescue

Group Of Strangers In Public Help Woman Having A Medical Episode In Busy Intersection

Video Boynton Beach Police Looking For These Good Samaritans

Video Boynton Beach Police Looking For These Good Samaritans

UPDATE – 5/13/22

Boynton Beach Police Department has identified the 8 individuals seen helping a complete stranger in need. The video, which Boca Post originally shared last week, went viral and everyone wanted this group to be identified. The group of strangers has been identified, honored, and rewarded.
BBPD identified the following good samaritans from the video:
  • Jannette Rivera
  • Juan Chavez, Jr.
  • Michael Edelstein
  • David Formica
  • DaVida Peele
  • Marko Bartolone
  • Muriel Vaughns

Laurie Rabyor, the victim from that day, is grateful for their heroic actions and for saving her life. BBPD presented the heroes with awards and community partners rewarded them with flowers, snacks, a $2000 gift card, and even a 6-8 night cruise.

Boca Post salutes you all.

If you missed the original article, the video is below.

Originally Reported By Boca Post – 5/11/22

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Boynton Beach Police Department wants to meet these individuals who helped a stranger in need when she had a medical episode at a busy intersection.

In the video, you can see several people risk their own lives in the busy intersection during rush hour traffic to help a stranger in need. One woman starts the whole thing by getting out of her car and running alongside the vehicle that is slowly heading into traffic. The unresponsive woman inside the vehicle was not phased by the stranger pounding on her window.

As the vehicle slowly crossed the intersection, other good samaritans observed the situation unfolding and jumped into action. A handful of people actually stopped the vehicle by pushing against it. Someone even used a dumbbell to break open the window to get access to the woman.

According to police, a nurse was nearby and stayed with the victim until first responders arrived.

If you know who these individuals are please contact BBPD so they can be reunited with the woman whose life they saved.

Check out the video provided by BBPD: