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UPDATE: Police Say Boca Raton Girl Is “Not Missing”, Family Is Concerned

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Boca News | 10 comments

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22-Year-Old Bayla Swid Is Missing, Law Enforcement Says “No”


Since publishing this article, the family has acknowledged on social media that Bayla has been in contact with them, just as we reported.

One of Bayla’s family members tells Boca Post that even though Bayla is not officially considered a missing person by law enforcement, she is not home. The family believes Bayla is under this man’s psychological abuse. Bayla’s sister tells us that she spoke with several other women who have similar stories with the man she has identified as Robert Davis a/k/a Bradley Davis.

We cannot confirm the man’s identity or any claims made about any criminal history of the man in question.

Originally reported by Boca Post

BOCA RATON, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — Social media has been buzzing with reports about 22-year-old Bayla Swid who reportedly has been missing since July 15th, 2023.

An Instagram post from a concerned sister has been creating a lot of concern for the missing 22-year-old Boca Raton girl. The post, written by Bayla’s sister, says that Bayla has been missing since July 15th, 2023. Bayla’s sister goes on to say that Bayla was last seen with the man in the photo, who they say is 44-year-old Robert Davis from California. The family says that Bayla recently started dating the man.

The family says that several credit cards have been opened in Bayla’s name and have since been maxed out. The family also reported that the joint-checking account Bayla shared with her father, has been depleted. The family also says it’s extremely uncharacteristic of Bayla that she did not show up for her classes or her bartending job.

While it may be true that Bayla has not returned to her home in West Boca Raton, both PBSO and Boca Raton Police Department tell Boca Post that they are not considering her a missing person.

On Thursday, July 13th, 2023, days before the family reported Bayla missing, Officers with the Boca Raton Police Department responded to the Flamingo Grill in Boca Raton when Bayla’s father requested that they perform a welfare check. Officers found Bayla in the establishment where she told them that she was just having drinks with her boyfriend and told them that she did not need any assistance. Further, officers say that she did not show any signs of distress or concern and told officers she was fine and comfortable adding that she was an adult and can do whatever she wants. She also said that she was going to file a restraining order against her father.

Following that incident, the family posted the following message on Instagram:

“!!MISSING!! The posts you recently saw on the stories were not posted by Bayla, they were posted to cover this up. Bayla has been missing since 7/15/2023 and was last seen with this man using a fake name: Robert Davis (age 44, from California, also goes by Bradley Davis) who has since opened multiple credit cards in her name, maxed them out, and stole money from my dad’s joint account. Her phone is shut, she has not used social media, and her location is turned off. She has not shown up for work and did not attend her summer classes. If anyone knows Bayla, you know that this is completely unlike her. If anyone has seen either of them or has any information please reach out to me @gswiddy as soon as possible. If anyone happens to see them out please call 911 immediately. The phone used to post these fake stories was located in Miami today. There is a missing persons report out for her but little has been done. Please share this post and help bring my sister home safely.”

Since that article was posted on social media, the Boca Raton Police Department tells Boca Post they received 9-1-1 calls from concerned residents. Several 9-1-1 callers reported seeing the Instagram post and believed they had seen the couple The callers say they may have seen the couple at Max’s Grille in Boca Raton and Lynra’s on Clematis in West Palm Beach.

According to a BRPD report dated 7/27/23, officers report that even though Bayla was entered into FCIC/NCIC as a missing person on 7/16/2023, the missing person entry was removed on 7/26/2023. Police spoke to Bayla’s sister who stated that she was the one who created the “Missing” post on her sister`s account. The sister told the officer that Bayla had just spoken with their mother on the phone.

The officer then spoke to Bayla’s mother, who said during the brief phone call, Bayla was yelling at her mother, telling her to stop bothering her and to have her sister take down the Instagram post. She continued by saying that they were ruining her life and were making it hard for her to get a job in California and that she was not going to speak to them for a whole year before hanging up.

The officer notes that Bayla’s mother stated that she was still concerned for Bayla due to her hostility and not accepting her face time call.

The circumstances around Bayla’s disappearance have her friends and family very concerned. Her friends tell us that there is no way she would stop going to school, work, abandon her car, and isolate herself from others the way she did. Many believe she is being coerced and may have been brainwashed. Others have said that she is just saying whatever she needs to stay alive. Maybe that is why law enforcement stopped considering Bayla a missing person.

See the (redacted) police reports from the Boca Raton Police Department, acknowledging that they are not considering her a missing person:

A spokesperson with PBSO, the original reporting agency, tells Boca Post that Bayla is “not missing”. This certainly does not appear to be the case.

Since Bayla was originally reported missing to PBSO, anyone with any information should contact PBSO directly, regardless of whether or not they consider her a missing person. Refernece PBSO Case# 23-089503.


  1. this man is a con artist and has a record of scamming people across the country – targeting young women. He had/has warrants out for his arrest in multiple states and has been in jailed several times. He is a dangerous person and this needs to be taken seriously. He uses coercive control to manipulate, isolate, and then financial abuse women. This article is misleading by stating she is “not missing” and dismisses the level of danger this young girl is in.

  2. This is not a joke she is being brainwashed and is dealing with a sex trafficking sick man. She is being told what to say to fend for her life

  3. I have no relation to the family or friends of this girl. I live in California where this same guy has abused and financially scammed a loved one. He has warrants out for his arrest and is very dangerous. He is a professional scammer and targets young women abusing them on all levels. This girl is in danger and already financially abused – please focus more on finding this man is who is criminal.

    • What part of California does this guy like to frequent? Do you know anything about the guy she is with?

  4. where is the proof that is guy is a con artist? Sounds like she wants to be left alone.

  5. My heart is beating so fast just reading this. I am usually more of the “objective” type, I promise. I try to usually keep an open mind and of course I still will in this case, not that it matters to no one lol, nonetheless; that all being said and like the person in the comment above me, I have no relations to any of the parties involved but I felt the “darkness” in my bones, sorta speak. I mean, the police, at least one of them, ONE!, has got to have some intuition, or common sense, or empathy, or training or maybe took a psychology class or even suffered some kind of abuse themselves to recognize the drastic change in behavior. The desperation of the family. And not that I usually give much attention to age in Appropriate situations but in some of them we should. Being 22 years older he can most likely easily manipulate this beautiful girl that had everything going for herself. She’s most likely trying to also protect her family. And this is my speculation but He probably said he would hurt her family if she didn’t do what she was told. And that… they know it’s usually a great weapon. I’ve been there and people don’t understand or don’t know and get mad: I don’t know, perhaps my heart hurts for the family and the girl so much but having gone through abuse myself and I also grew up in boca in Boca, recognizing the places mentioned in the article
    And now reading in the comments that this guy is dangerous is surreal that those that are supposed to “survey and protect” won’t check into it.

  6. He’s 22 yrs her senior and only just dating when all of sudden she ups and leaves?
    That’s not normal for anyone & the circumstances should be brushed aside. American has a shit ton of human trafficking. With the police woukd stop holding their dicksz how many times have they been casual about a disappearance where the person Text called etc but were subsequently murdered or died through OD because theyre also being plied with drugs, it’s a HUGE RED FLAG. Letting people.get away with abuse and murder.

  7. He has warrants out for his arrest in CA? Can you post his name and info on warrants please

  8. Unfortunately No One Is Taking This Seriously The Shame of it all is when this poor girl shows up Dead someday & the lax of taking this to a different level could possibly be prevented as well as this happening to other Victims 💔😱

  9. I have a 22 year old and I would be going crazy if that was my daughter. This is not normal behavior, especially since they just started dating. You don’t just stop your normal activities like, work and school and talking to friends. This needs to be taken seriously. My heart breaks for this family. 💔


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