FIRE: 3 Rescued From Boca Colony Apartment Fire

PBCFR Rescues 3 People, 3 Pets. Fire Investigation Ongoing.

Fire 3 Rescued From Boca Colony Apartment Fire

Fire 3 Rescued From Boca Colony Apartment Fire

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — Palm Beach County Fire Rescue saved 3 people and 3 pets from a two-story apartment fire early this morning in Boca Colony apartments.

The two-story fire was first reported on our live dispatch map, CODE3, as an Apartment Structure Fire at 6:23 am.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue tells us that they responded to the apartment fire at Boca Colony Apartments where they found a two-story building with heavy smoke and flames. PBCFR crews worked diligently to put the fire out.

3 people were rescued from the apartment, with 1 being transported to the hospital. 3 pets, including 2 cats and 1 snake were also rescued from the burned unit.

PBCFR calls the fire investigation ongoing.

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