Deadly Accident West Of Loxahatchee

Pedestrian Declared Deceased On Scene. Fuel Leak Contained.

Deadly Motorcycle Accident In Loxahatchee

Deadly Accident West Of Loxahatchee

Update – Victim Identified

Boca Post has confirmed the identity of the victim as 41-year-old Keith Coppens.

LOXAHATCHEE, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A pedestrian is dead early Tuesday morning after an accident with a semi-truck in rural Loxahatchee just east of Belle Glade at 29495 SR-80 / Southern Blvd.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue coordinated a sizable response to include the Trauma Hawk on standby when the “motorcycle vs pedestrian accident” call initially came out just before 4 AM on Tuesday.

The first arriving units declared the pedestrian deceased on the scene and canceled the trauma hawk. The call then escalated to a potential fuel leak incident as first responders said there was a small amount of fuel leaking out of the truck. Special Ops was requested but canceled shortly after firefighters quickly got the spill under control.

PBSO tells Boca Post that the pedestrian was pushing a shopping cart on the highway when he was run over by the tractor-trailer driven by 37-year-old Joe Banks Jr.

Deadly Motorcycle Accident In Loxahatchee - Map

Deadly Accident In Loxahatchee, Image Courtesy: Google Maps

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