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Florida Department Of Health Issues COVID-19 Testing Guidance

Our summary: No Symptoms? No Test.

Florida Department Of Health Issues Covid-19 Testing Guidance
Florida Department Of Health Issues Covid-19 Testing Guidance

Boca Raton, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — The Florida Department Of Health has updated it’s COVID-19 testing guidance to maximize the benefits if COVID-19 testing in Florida.

The Florida Department Of Health is asking the public to follow some new guidance regarding COVID-19 testing. The new guidance offers up a bit of common sense to dissuade the hysteria evident in the miles long lines wrapped around the testing sites across the state.

The department has updated testing guidance in order to maximize the benefits of COVID-19 testing in Florida.

The issue has been that most people getting tested are actually have not had any symptoms or just mild ones. The new guidance is pretty simple, if you are have symptoms, avoid contact with others. Getting a COVID-19 test will not change that recommendation.

‘High Risk’ People with symptoms – Get Tested

People at higher risk for severe illness caused by COVID-19 should get tested if symptoms occur. The department is also recommending those individuals seek out monoclonal antibody or antiviral drug treatment soon after receiving confirmed COVID-19 test results.

People with symptoms but not considered ‘high risk’ – Consider getting tested

People who are not in any ‘high risk’ category for serious illness as caused by COVID-19 should consider getting tested after the onset of symptoms. Medical treatment should be sleeked out only if necessary.

People who may have been exposed, but have no symptoms – No test

The department says COVID-19 testing is “unlikely to have any clinical benefits” in this scenario.

You can see a copy of the press release from Florida Department Of Health below:

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