According to detectives, from the Broward Sheriffs Office, a 17 year suspected burglar has been apprehended on charges related to car burglary and unauthorized use of credit cards.

The arrest was made due to a series of car break ins that occurred at a YouFit fitness facility in North Lauderdale. Since August 9th detectives from the BSO North Lauderdale District have reported instances where the burglar targeted at ten cars parked in the YouFit parking lot on McNab Road (7346). The thief has stolen items such as purses, wallets, credit cards, electronics and personal belongings from individuals who were inside the gym exercising. In one case a victim received notifications from their credit card company after the burglary indicating that their credit cards were being used to purchase gift cards at a Walmart store.

On Monday, September 25th following an investigation by the BSO Burglary Apprehension Team (B.A.T.) law enforcement officials arrested the suspect at an address on SW 22nd Terrace in Fort Lauderdale. The suspect is facing charges including use of credit cards (13 counts) burglary conveyance (5 counts) and resisting arrest (1 count). The investigation into crimes across South Florida is still ongoing.

After being arrested the juvenile was taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center, for processing.

Authorities are reminding the public to secure their vehicles refrain from leaving belongings or electronic devices unattended, inside cars and opt for well lit parking spots.

Originally reported by Boca Post

NORTH LAUDERDALE, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — At least 10 people had their cars burglarized while working out at a Gym in our area.


Regular practice is essential, for success in any kind of exercise. Similarly when it comes to activities like theft repeated actions can lead to the capture of suspects. This is what the detectives from Broward Sheriffs Office in the North Lauderdale District are hoping for in their efforts to solve a series of car burglaries occurring in a fitness center parking lot.

Starting from August 9th these detectives have observed that perpetrators have broken into ten cars parked at the YouFit parking lot at 7346 McNab Road. The thieves have stolen purses, wallets, credit cards, electronic devices and other personal belongings from victims who were inside the gym working out. In one instance a victim received notifications from his credit card company informing him that his stolen credit cards were being used to purchase gift cards at a Walmart store.

To aid in identifying and apprehending these criminals investigators are releasing surveillance footage showing individuals who have been using the stolen credit cards. They urge members of the public to lock their cars and avoid leaving items or electronics unattended inside their vehicles. Additionally they advise people to park their vehicles in lit areas for added security.

If anyone has any information regarding the identity or whereabouts of these individuals involved or has any knowledge, about these crimes please contact Detective Sergio Espinoza from BSO North Lauderdale District at 954 720 2265. If individuals who want to stay wish to get in touch, with Broward Crime Stoppers they have the option to reach out by calling 954 493 TIPS (8477).