UPDATE: FDLE Investigates BSO SWAT Shooting Of Suspect With Spear

Bso Swat Shoots Suspect Armed With A Spear

Bso Swat Shoots Suspect Armed With A Spear


FDLE is investigating the deputy-involved shooting.

An update from BSO:

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating a deputy-involved shooting in Hollywood.

At approximately 9 a.m., Wednesday, July 13, Broward Sheriff’s Office Threat Management Unit detectives received information regarding an adult male making threats to kill multiple people. BSO detectives located the subject barricaded at 2720 Dewey Street in Hollywood. Detectives attempted to make contact with the subject when he refused to leave the residence and threatened to hurt himself. During that time, the subject also made additional threats of violence, this time toward law enforcement on social media.

Once it was determined that the subject refused to surrender, BSO detectives and Hollywood Police Department established a perimeter and secured the area. Hollywood SWAT operators responded to the scene to assist. Several hours later, BSO SWAT Team operators responded to the scene and relieved Hollywood SWAT in order to execute a search and arrest warrant for the subject. SWAT Team operators re-established contact with the subject who continued making threatening statements.

For more than twelve hours investigators continually tried to deescalate the situation with non-lethal methods including a crisis negotiator who established contact with the subject. The subject proceeded to escalate the situation refusing to cooperate and becoming more combative throwing “Molotov Cocktails” toward SWAT. The subject proceeded to set his home on fire. Hollywood Fire Rescue responded to the scene.

Using the smoke as cover, the subject fled from the house into his backyard and hid. BSO Aviation Unit was on scene providing the ground crew with visuals of the subject carrying a long pole. The subject proceeded to heat that pole with remnants of the fire and took a position to attack the deputies. When SWAT operators attempted to take the subject into custody, the subject aggressively lunged toward SWAT using the long pole as a spear. The SWAT operator, fearing for his life, discharged his weapon. Hollywood Fire Rescue transported the subject to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood where he was pronounced deceased.

FDLE is the lead investigative agency regarding the deputy-involved shooting. Per BSO policy, the SWAT operator who fired his weapon will be placed on administrative assignment pending further investigation.

Originally reported by Boca Post

HOLLYWOOD, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Broward Sheriff’s Office tells Boca Post that a BSO deputy was involved in a shooting during an encounter with a man who was threatening to hurt himself.

From Broward Sheriff’s Office:

On Wednesday morning, July 13, Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies and Threat Management Unit detectives responded to an adult male who was making threats to kill others and himself. BSO detectives attempted to contact the subject when he refused to leave and barricaded himself at a residence on the 2700 block of Dewey Street in Hollywood. Investigators negotiated with the subject through the night. At some point, Hollywood Fire Rescue responded after the subject set the house on fire and refused to peacefully surrender. Negotiations continued for hours.

Wednesday evening, BSO SWAT team relieved the Hollywood PD SWAT team after their valuable assistance for several hours. Early Thursday morning, the subject aggressively came toward BSO SWAT members with a long pole using it like a spear; one member discharged his weapon.

The subject was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced deceased. FDLE is investigating the shooting.

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