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SCAM ALERT: Fake Red Light Camera Violation Notices

Scam Alert Fake Red Light Camera Violation Notices
Scam Alert Fake Red Light Camera Violation Notices

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Multiple law enforcement agencies in South Florida are reporting that scammers are sending fraudulent red light camera violation notices in the mail in an attempt to scam you out of your money.

People are reporting that they have received letters in the mail threatening them to pay a fine for running a red light or some other traffic violation as captured by a traffic camera.

Fort Lauderdale Police Department and Lauderhill Police Department are reporting that they are receiving complaints around residents receiving fraudulent traffic camera violation notices in the mail. This is a scam where a scammer impersonates a law enforcement agency and demands money for alleged traffic violations.

Local law enforcement agenceis are asking that you just verify the correspeondence with the listed agency before making any monetary transactions. Simply call your local police department for clarification.

This scam is not new. This is a variation of a similar scam where the scammer will impersonate FDOT and send e-mails demanding payment for traffic violations. Paying close attention to the e-mails will usually have obvious signs of fraud. For instance, the sending address oftentimes appears similar but not be exactly the domain of authority, for example, ‘fl-dot-gov.com’.

Many law enforcement agencies are reminding their citizens that they will never e-mail you traffic camera bills. So, it’s pretty safe to assume, if it’s e-mailed it’s fake. When in doubt, call your local police department.


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