CORAL SPRINGS, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — The City of Coral Springs hired Meera Hammad as the General Manager of the Coral springs Center for the Arts.

The City of Coral Springs has chosen Meera Hammad as the General Manager of the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. In this role Hammad will oversee aspects such as staffing, ticketing and marketing on a day to day basis. She will also be responsible for managing shows and programs at the Center. Since June 2023 Hammad has been serving as the Interim General Manager after working as the Marketing Director since May 2014. As Marketing Director her responsibilities included entertainment marketing, media buying, content creation and graphic design for over 50 shows throughout the season.

“Coral Springs is where I grew up and now where I am raising my own family,” Hammad said. “I witnessed how far the facility has progressed over the years, and I’m equally as excited – joined by my dedicated team – to bring forward a new slate of unforgettable experiences to the community.”

Starting from October 1 2023 The Centers operations are now under the administration of the City of Coral Springs. In her position as a city employee Hammad is excited to combine her passion for theater with fulfilling the city’s vision of being a top notch community to live in work in and raise a family. The new management model implemented by the City of Coral Springs involves an approach, to conducting facility operations.
This entails utilizing both a theater consultant (Art Center Management) and in house staff to manage The Center while also expanding the possibilities for rental requests. The ultimate goal is to broaden the range of entertainment activities offered and explore uses for the facility. The city expects this new approach to be financially balanced. They will follow a cost recovery model to make decisions regarding the operation of the facility.

Hammad will be accountable to Dale Pazdra, Deputy City Manager of Coral Springs who will oversee the transition process and provide support to The Centers staff during this period.

Hammad holds a bachelors degree in business marketing from Florida Atlantic University. After completing her degree she worked as a Talent Agent for an agency in Los Angeles, for six years. She decided to return to Coral Springs to raise her family and contribute her expertise at a level.