Kosher Friendly Gambling Coming Soon

Hollywood, FL – The Boca Post ( (Copyright © 2021) — Two new ‘kosher friendly’ hotels will soon be opening near the Seminole Hardrock Casino in Hollywood, FL.

Kosher Friendly Gambling Coming Soon

Photo Credit: Visitlauderdale

The two new hotels will be very close to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino as the Casino is considered both of the hotels primary attraction.

The first Kosher-friendly hotel to open will be the Wyndham Dolce which is slated to open in October 2022. The Wyndham Dolce kosher House is reported to have 100 rooms which will cost $180-$200 a night as compared to the Hard Rock’s hotel which is on average $500-$600 a night for a basic room.

The 7 story hotel will feature a roof top Kosher restaurant and dining room that will be Kashrut compliant. It will have a “Sabbath elevator” that will stop on every floor without the need to actually be operated. Room service is available; however, it will be a robot that delivers your food.

The Wyndham Dolce Kosher House is the first Florida hotel to offer year round kosher services. Unlike many hotels who offer kosher service in observance of popular Jewish holidays. Sharon Sharaby of the Wyndham Dolce Kosher House project said “Nobody does it 365 days a year,”.

Around the same time the Wyndham Dolce Kosher House is set to open, the same developers will be breaking ground on another kosher hotel, The Wyndham Grand. Only two blocks north, The Wyndham Grand is part of a mixed-use development that will feature 65 condominiums and a 200 room kosher hotel. The plan allows for owners of the condominiums to rent the units to visitors via the hotel’s rental system.

The project is slated to include over 50,000 square feet of office space, 26,000 square feet of retail space, 13,000 square feet for events, and two restaurants.

The second project is still pending city approval but if all goes according to plan it could open as soon as 2024.